Remote control of BRS in the hands of Modi: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, AICC leaders, arrived at Begumpet Airport on Wednesday to begin the historic Vijayabheri Yatra

Remote control of BRS in the hands of Modi: Rahul Gandhi

MULUGU: The remote control of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) is in the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said Congress MP Rahul Gandhi.

Speaking at a public meeting in Mulugu on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi said, "The BJP wants the BRS to win in Telangana because they have a secret alliance and even the MIM supports them. That is why whatever the BJP desired, the BRS supported them in the Parliament. The BRS assisted the BJP in passing all the Bills in the Parliament and also backed the passage of the GST Bill, demonstrating that they all work together. The best proof is that your Chief Minister is not the subject of any ED, IT, or criminal investigations.

"All opposition leaders have been targeted by raids by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and IT raids, and they all have cases against them. They have filed 24 cases against me, took my house away and suspended me from the Parliament. Yet no cases have been filed against Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao," he added.

While claiming that voting for BRS meant voting for the BJP Rahul Gandhi said, "You may have seen that the BJP criticises the Congress party around the country because they understand that the Congress party's ideology differs from theirs and that we will never compromise with the BJP. Voting for the BRS means voting for the BJP. That is why I am urging everyone to vote for the Congress, since our ideology is totally different from that of the BJP, and we will fight against the BJP across the country."

Rahul Gandhi also announced that the Congress party planned to make 'Sammaka Sarakka', which is Asia’s largest tribal festival, a national festival similar to Kumbh Mela, upon their coming power in the country.

"The election is between the Dorala (feudal lords) of Telangana and the Prajala (common man) of Telangana. In 2014, we promised a separate Telangana State, which has been fulfilled by us and the entire World has witnessed it. Political parties often make promises or decisions that benefit them, but we made the decision to separate Telangana, fulfilling the promise of a separate State. The decision to separate Telangana was made for the benefit of the Telangana people, rather than focusing on the party's gain or loss," he said and added that KCR promised many things like providing land to Dalits and Advasi families but failed to fulfill it.

"KCR promised to give 3 acres to every Dalit family. I want to ask all of you if you got the land, loan waivers, 2BHK houses and employment promised by your Chief Minister," questioned Rahul Gandhi.

He added that the Congress party had successfully fulfilled its promises in Rajasthan and Karnataka. "The Congress party is providing free medical treatment to Rajasthan's citizens, resulting in the country's best medical system," he said.

Speaking about the six guarantees offered by the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi said, "Women in Telangana will receive Rs 2,500 every month, gas cylinders for Rs 500 and free travel in RTC buses under the Mahalakshmi scheme. The Gruha Jyoti scheme will provide 200 units of free power to all Telangana households. Telangana freedom fighters who took part in the agitation would be given a 250-square-yard plot in the Indiramma Illu scheme. People who do not own a house will be given a house site and Rs 5 lakh for construction. Students would be given a Vidya Bharosa card worth Rs 5 lakh for financial help, and one international school will be constructed in each mandal as part of the Yuva Vikasam project."

Rahul Gandhi also pledged Rs 4,000 pension and Rs 10 lakh Rajiv Gandhi Aarogya Insurance for senior citizens under the Cheyutha scheme.

"We defeated the BJP in Karnataka, Chattisgarh, and Rajasthan, and will ensure victory for the Congress party in Telangana State in the upcoming assembly elections 2023 by defeating the BRS party, " concluded Rahul Gandhi.

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