Revanth Reddy lays emphasis on “badi baata”; focus on education reforms

The Chief Minister honoured students of government schools who achieved a perfect 10/10 GPA in Class 10.

Revanth Reddy lays emphasis on “badi baata”; focus on education reforms

HYDERABAD: Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy emphasised the need to strengthen government schools in Telangana by implementing reforms to improve in the state's education system.

Revanth Reddy honoured students who had achieved a perfect 10/10 GPA in Class 10 with merit awards, commending the Vande Mataram Foundation for organising the event at Ravindra Bharati on Monday. He lauded the foundation's efforts in motivating government school students and stressed the significance of official recognition for outstanding performers.

Speaking on the occasion, Revanth Reddy underscored the quality of education provided by government schools compared to corporate ones. He highlighted that 90% of IAS, IPS, and IFS officers had been educated in government schools. Notably, prominent figures such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu, various state CMs, ministers, and union ministers, including himself, hailed from government school backgrounds.

Revanth Reddy announced the extension of the Jayashankar Badi Bata program, running from June 9 to June 20. He mentioned that Amma Adarsh schools were now under the supervision of women's associations. The government was investing Rs 80,000 per student, with a substantial portion allocated for teacher salaries. He stressed that expenditures on education were investments rather than mere expenses. Additionally, he allocated Rs 2,000 crores to renovate dilapidated schools.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister disclosed plans to review the semi-residential education system in government schools. He cautioned against enrolling young children in residential schools, which could strain parent-child relationships. He proposed the establishment of an education commission to periodically update the curriculum and ensure continuous monitoring of educational standards.

Encouraging students who had achieved a 10/10 GPA to pursue excellence in higher education and careers, Revanth Reddy urged them to fulfill their parents' aspirations by excelling in their academic pursuits.

Revanth Reddy criticised the previous administration for neglecting government schools, resulting in closures and pushing parents to opt for private education, often leading to financial strain. He warned that disregarding village schools could have severe repercussions in the future. Acknowledging the challenges faced by government schools, including staff and student shortages, he said that the State Government had announced a Mega DSC notification for 11,000 posts to address these issues.

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