Smriti Irani forsees defection of Congress MLAs into BRS after elections

They fight in Hyderabad and hug each other under ‘Alai Balai’ in Delhi, the Union Minister said

Smriti Irani forsees defection of Congress MLAs into BRS after elections

DUBBAKA: Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani addressing the ‘Nari Shakti Vandan Mahila Yuddha Bheri’ public meeting in Dubbaka on Friday asked people not to vote for the Congress candidates, lest they would jump into the BRS.

“A vote for the Congress is a vote for the Bharat Rashtra Samthi (BRS), as the elected Congress MLAs will eventually migrate to BRS after elections. They fight in Hyderabad and hug each other under ‘Alai Balai’ in Delhi,” the Union Minister said.

She said that Congress and corruption were two sides of the same coin. “Mind you just like we (BJP) chased away Rahul Gandhi from Amethi in UP to Wayanad in Kerala, you have to drive away BRS from Telangana,” she said.

Calling upon Dubbaka MLA Raghunandan Rao to take an oath to destroy the untruthful BRS on the eve of Dussehra and ensure that ‘Dharma’ walked on all four legs.

She criticised the BRS for failing to fulfill the aspirations of the people of Telangana under the ‘Neellu Nidhulu Niyamakalu’ plank as propagated by the BRS before the formation of the State. “In the Kaleshwaram project the K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) Government pumped cost from Rs 40,000 crore to Rs 1 lakh crore, but failed to irrigate even 60 percent of the projected land,” Smriti Irani said.

She said that the BRS Government deceived its people by sinking the State into a debt trap of Rs 5 lakh crore in ten years. “While the service commission failed in recruiting the unemployed, all the family members of KCR are employed,” she pointed out.

“I asked Raghunandan to fight against the ‘Ravan’ of deceit and win for the sake of the people of Telangana. I know it is not easy he has to fight the father, son and son-in-law,” she said. Invoking the women's power, she urged the women of Dubbaka to give that power to Raghunandan Rao by electing him in the ensuing elections on behalf of the BJP. She recalled that KCR forgot to declare the ‘ Jai Jai Telangana Jananai Jaiketanam’ song.

She said that he even forgot to construct a cinema city, pharma city, textile city, a medical hub that he promised. “The Mega Textile Park was actually built by Narendra Modi,” she said.

The Union Minister said that the Prime Minister gave free vaccination to 120 crore people free of cost during the pandemic, Narendra Modi gave Mega Textile Park and provided finance to five lakh street vendors during the pandemic.

“While Congress gave Rs 3,600 crore under paddy MSP, the Modi Government gave Rs 27,000 crore on MSP. For paddy and cotton, the Modi Government spent Rs 1,07,000 crore on MSP in nine years. So don’t believe the false promise of the Congress on a hike in paddy MSP,” the senior BJP leader said.

She added that the Prime Minister saw to it that Rs 9,000 crore was directly deposited in the accounts of 35 lakh farmers in Telangana. Siddipet Rail was sanctioned by Narendra Modi, Rs 1,600 crore for Medak-Siddipet-Eelkakurthi national highway, Rs 6,000 crore for Ramagundam fertiliser factory, opened 1.13 crore Jan Dhan accounts for the poor, Smart city status to Siddipet, Karimnagar and Warangal cities, Rs 23,000 crore for MNREGA, when all these were given by Modi why not vote for Modi, Smriti Irani said.

Alleging a scam in handing over the Miyapur lands to private entities, she said that thousands of 2 BHK houses could have been built on that land. “When KCR himself accepts that 30 percent of the Dalit Bandhu were siphoned off by MLAs do we have to say anything extra about the rampant corruption in the State,” she said.

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