SSC Hindi paper ‘leaked’ after distribution in Telangana, Education Minister warns culprits

Back-to-back question paper leaks caused concern among students, parents, and officials concerned in Telangana

Question paper leaks acts of evil forces; stones can’t be thrown from glasshouses

HYDERABAD: Another SSC paper leak has surfaced in Telangana state, even as action is initiated on the “leakage” of Telugu question paper.

The Hindi SSC exam question paper was leaked on WhatsApp on Tuesday, a day after the Telugu SSC exam question paper was leaked on the same medium in Vikarabad.

According to the reports, images of the SSC Hindi question paper were widely shared on WhatsApp in Warangal district at 9:30 a.m., raising concerns about the ongoing exams.

Similarly, by 9:40 a.m. on Monday, a Telugu question paper was available on Watsapp in Tandur, Vikarabad district. Back-to-back question paper leaks caused concern among students, parents, and officials concerned in Telangana.

The School Education Department sought a comprehensive report from the officials about the SSC Hindi paper leak in Warangal district on Tuesday.

Following the leak on Monday, the state education department suspended three officials: a senior superintendent, a departmental officer, and an invigilator for bringing mobile phones into the test site and photographing and distributing the question paper in Vikarabad.

Education Minister says govt will take strict action against the culprits

Sabitha Indra Reddy, Telangana Education Minister, appealed to everyone to keep political and personal interests away from exams. She also stated that the government would take strict action against those responsible for the paper leaks.

"I am once again appealing to district collectors, education department officials, teachers, school management, police department, postal department, medical and health department officials, and RTC officials to work in coordination for the class 10 exams," the minister said in an official statement.

"I promise that we will work responsibly, with the future of four lakh 95 thousand students in mind," she adds. "The government will severely punish the perpetrators.We urge that political and personal interests should be put aside when it comes to student exams", she added.

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