Sunkishala's efficiency to lift water from Nagarjuna Sagar's dead storage could quench Hyderabad's water woes

The Rs 1,450 crore Sunkishala project if completed will save Hyderabad and the entire HMDA area from future drinking water problems.

Sunkishalas efficiency to lift water from Nagarjuna Sagars dead storage could quench Hyderabads water woes

HYDERABAD: The Rs 1,450 crore Sunkishala project if completed will save Hyderabad and the entire HMDA area from future drinking water problems.

The BRS Government laid the foundation for the novel project aimed at lifting water even from the dead storage level of the Nagarjuna Sagar project (462 feet) and replenishing the drinking water supply to Hyderabad. The project is 70 percent completed and the rest must be finished at least to cater to the needs of Hyderabad by next summer.

The existence of the Sunkishala project came to the notice of the general public after former Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao during his visit to drought-affected areas of Nalgonda demanded the Congress Government to complete the project to alleviate the drinking water problems faced by people living in the capital region.

At present, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) can pump 270 million gallons of Krishna water in three phases. However, the water supplied diminishes if the water level falls below the dead storage level.

Because of low water levels particularly in Summer, pumping water to Puttamgandi's main pumping station could be impossible. To solve the problem the HMWSSB would have to use external pumps to reach out to the river bed and pump water spending Rs 10 crore every summer. With the Puttamgandi pumping house falling under the Irrigation department there are inter-departmental issues that affect the water supply to the twin cities, particularly about electricity bills. If Sunkishala is completed then water can be lifted even from levels lesser than 510 feet.

Salient features

  • Water can be lifted even from 462 feet when Nagarjuna Sagar holds 132 TMC of water
  • Multi-level intake points to tap water at different FRL levels
  • Sunkishala will augment Godavari water to the city from Kesavapur reservoir
  • Sunkishala will have no link with Alimineti Madhava Reddy canal
  • Water will be sourced from Nagarjuna Sagar reservoir’s foreshore
  • At this stage, Sagar storage will be 132 TMC and water at 462 feet
  • Intake point at Sunkishala with the help of a pump house
  • 18 pumps each with 1.2 MW capacity are being built that could discharge 50 cusecs per pump
  • A 17.2 Km pipeline with 2375 mm diameter will supply the water
  • Three-line pipeline network will be built till Kodandapur reservoir
  • Water from Sunkishala to Kodandapur is lifted to a height of 104 meters.
  • Water will be purified at Kodandapur, Nasarlapalli, Gungal, and Sahebnagar water purifying centres.
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