Telangana emerges as a hub for quality health, medical education : Harish Rao

Telangana state, led by Chief Minister KCR's vision, is swiftly emerging as a hub for quality healthcare services and medical education, said state Health Minister Harish Rao

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HYDERABAD: Telangana state, led by Chief Minister KCR's vision, is swiftly emerging as a hub for quality healthcare services and medical education, said state Health Minister Harish Rao on Monday.

Harish Rao, the Finance and Health Minister, expressed his delight with the considerable progress made in the healthcare sector at a monthly assessment of teaching hospitals. He said, "The government's unwavering efforts to improve medical facilities and medical education have resulted in amazing growth and recognition. Telangana is now ranked third in the country in terms of healthcare, with the goal of rising to top position."

Eight medical colleges were established last year, and nine more are slated to begin classes this year, each with 100 MBBS seats. Harish Rao said, "Telangana, according to Chief Minister KCR, will be a premier destination for medical education in the country. His goal is to recruit students who will otherwise study overseas and to offer them access to high-quality superspecialty medicine. To that end, the government has pledged to fund medical schools, doctor positions, and medical equipment."

During the review, Minister Harish Rao made several recommendations to further enhance the quality of medical services

Faculty Appointments : A total of 65 professors, 210 associate professors, and 1061 assistant professors have been appointed. Appointment orders for 1069 assistant professors would be handed over on the 22nd of this month. It is essential to fully utilize the expertise of the faculty to deliver improved treatment to the people.

Student Discipline and Mentoring : Strict measures should be implemented to curb ragging and ensure discipline among MBBS students. Faculty members should serve as role models, provide mental support to students, and inspire them as they embark on their journey in this noble profession. Additionally, incorporating activities like yoga and pranayama to relieve mental stress and enhance students' well-being is highly recommended.

Utilization of Senior Residents : The services of 800 Post Graduate Senior Residents (SRs) allocated to Medical Colleges and Vaidya Vidhana Parishad main hospitals in the districts should be maximized. Their expertise can significantly contribute to providing specialized healthcare in rural areas.

Engagement of Interns : Telangana students who had completed MBBS abroad have been given postings for one-year internships. Efficiently utilizing their services to deliver high-quality healthcare to the people is essential.

Efficient Hospital Management : Superintendents are responsible for managing clinical hospitals. Round-the-clock services should be provided, particularly in the emergency department, to ensure better treatment. Referrals should be minimized, and the focus should be on providing specialized services within the district.

Reduction of C-sections and Promotion of First-Hour Breastfeeding : Efforts should be made to reduce unnecessary C-section deliveries. Doctors should prioritize the health status of pregnant women in determining the mode of delivery. Emphasis should also be placed on early initiation of first-hour breastfeeding, as it boosts immunity and contributes to a healthy child.

Improved Maternal and Infant Healthcare : Regular check-ups for pregnant women are crucial to ensure healthy deliveries. Monitoring the health status of mothers and infants is crucial to achieving a low infant mortality rate. Special attention should be given to infection control, with weekly monitoring and necessary actions.

Orthopedic Services and Patient Care : District Government Hospitals should further enhance orthopedic services to alleviate the load on specialized hospitals such as Hyderabad Gandhi, Osmania. Doctors are urged to treat patients with love, care, and empathy, as compassionate patient care leads to better outcomes.

Minister Harish Rao stressed the importance of adhering to norms set by the National Medical Commission (NMC) to ensure the smooth functioning of medical colleges

The video conference was attended by Health Secretary Rizvi, Director of Medical Education Ramesh Reddy, Commissioner Family Welfare Shweta Mahanthi, Director of Public Health G Srinivasa Rao, Telangana Vaidhan Vidhan Parishad Incharge Commissioner Ramesh, TSMSIDC MD Chandrasekhar Reddy, as well as the Superintendents and Principals of all district hospitals.

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