Telangana focused on welfare, not finding out whose God is greater: KTR

K T Rama Rao, on Saturday, said that Telangana was the only State in India whose focus was development and public welfare.


HYDERABAD: Telangana's IT and Industries Minister K T Rama Rao, on Saturday, said that Telangana was the only State in India whose focus was development and public welfare. "The State has the world's biggest lift irrigation project – Kaleshwaram, we are the only State providing drinking water to every household and electricity to all sectors, our education sector is the best in the country and our industries are also flourishing," the Minister said after after launching Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University Competitive Examination Study Material.

He also announced that the Government would provide 10 TB space in the Government's server and support the University in making an app where the study material and all other coaching material could be made available to the students.

The IT Minister also said that the State was not in the race to know whose God was the greatest. "It's like fighting over whose mother is great. How can we decide whose mother or whose God is the best?" the Minister asked. He said that because of leaders focusing on such issues and sidelining the main development, India was not running on par with the global development.

He said that though the Centre had not approved of any premium institutions in Telangana, the State has sanctioned 33 medical colleges, was providing education in around 1,000 gurukuls, launched scholarship schemes for students to study abroad and was focused on bringing more universities and developing the existing universities. He also said that not just creating education opportunities, the State was creating opportunities for young minds to create job opportunities for themselves as well as others by executing their ideas and innovations.

KTR said that what people called 'freebies' were steps towards development and were important to keep the peace in the society intact. "The upper middle class has to understand that we are still a third world country where majority of the population is below poverty line. It's a shame if people have to suffer for basic needs like food, water or health. If these are given names like 'freebies' it is shameful. There were problems like naxalism but when the government took care of the poor, naxalism was eradicated. The upper middle class has to understand that if they are enjoying peace in the society, it is because the poor are fed and happy too."

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