Telangana only state implementing pro-farmer schemes, says KTR

He said that the Telangana government’s primary goal was to strengthen the backbone of the State – the farmers


HYDERABAD: On the occasion of National Farmers Day, BRS Party Working President K T Rama Rao spoke to over 1.5 lakh farmers through teleconference where he said that Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao was the only one in the country to introduce many schemes beneficial for farmers. He said that the Telangana government's primary goal was to strengthen the backbone of the State – the farmers. The farmers, who gathered in Rajanna Sircilla, interacted with KTR during the teleconference.

KTR also spoke about a few prominent schemes of the Telangana Government. He said that schemes like 'Rythu Bandhu' and 'Rythu Bheema' were not being implemented anywhere else in the country. "Farmers here are getting Rs 10,000 per acre every year with Rythu Bandhu. Till date, Rs 57,882 crore were distributed to lakhs of farmers. The 10th tranche of Rs 7,600 crore will also be disbursed soon to benefit 66 lakh farmers," the Minister said. He also said that this scheme was taken as an inspiration by other States and the Centre too.

Speaking about 'Rythu Bheema', KTR said that Telangana was the only State offering such a scheme. "Rs 5 lakh is given to families of farmers who die, no matter what the reason of death. 94,000 farmer families have been given Rs 4,700 crore insurance under this scheme," he said.

They say that the humane government has provided a great assurance to the farmers with Rythu Bima. KCR said that the government is the only government which pays the insurance premium on behalf of the farmers and provides insurance of five lakh rupees to the families of farmers who unfortunately died. Through this scheme, about 94 thousand farmer families have received Rs. 4700 crore insurance compensation," he said.

KTR, in the teleconference, said that the situation of the farmers in Telangana was distressing eight years ago and that after Telangana became a separate State and KCR came into power, he strived for the development of the farmers. "Eight years ago, farmers used to cry for getting 6 hours electricity. However, now every farmer in the State is getting free 24-hour electricity. The State is providing the electricity at a cost of Rs 10,500 crore after building infrastructure in the electricity sector with a cost of Rs 36,703 crore. Not even Narendra Modi's State, Gujarat, provides free 24-7 electricity."

KTR also said that irrigation in Telangana is better than any State in India. "Places which once were drought-prone are now green lands," he said. He also said that 27,625 neglected ponds were restored and many irrigation projects were taken up.

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