Telangana police officers association seriously object ‘derogatory’ remarks of Revanth Reddy

Telangana Police Officers Association demands Revanth Reddy to tender an open apology for his derogatory remarks on police

Telangana police officers association seriously object ‘derogatory’ remarks of Revanth Reddy

HYDERABAD: Telangana Police Officers Association president Y Gopi Reddy took strong objection to the remarks made by TPCC President A Revanth Reddy on the police.

Revanth Reddy had warned Mahabubanagar district police that the Congress would form the Government in Telangana in the next 100 days and the police would be ‘’stripped of their uniforms’’.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Gopi Reddy said, “It is not correct on the part of Revanth Reddy to make such objectionable remarks against the police, who are an integral part of the State Government and meant for protecting the law and order. How can Revanth Reddy refrain them from performing their duties and threaten with dire consequences after the Congress comes to power?”

Gopi Reddy said that the TPCC Chief should disclose what the ‘red diary’ was meant for and was it his own constitution. “The Police and people will also have their own diaries. If anyone gets enrolled in it, it ends their future. It is not appropriate to make such indecent and illegal comments while being in a responsible position,” he said.

Gopi Reddy said that Telangana Police stood top in the country with revolutionary reforms brought by Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) including establishment of integrated command control centres, police stations, advanced vehicles and enhancement of budget allocation for the police.

KCR gave high priority to the welfare of the staff and a larger number of promotions, increased uniform allowance, extended free treatment through Arogaya Bhadratha, special allowances for traffic and other wings and ration allowance for special police, Gopi Reddy said.

Meanwhile, Director-General of Police (DGP) Anjani Kumar was successfully implementing friendly policing and giving utmost priority to law and order, apart from bringing IT reforms, he added.

“How can Revanth Reddy make objectionable remarks against the police? The police will not tolerate such remarks which are derogatory. Revanth Reddy should tender an open apology else, he will have to face legal action,” Gopi Reddy said.

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