Telangana successes will serve as growth benchmarks for India: KCR

Telangana has implemented the best practises to act as economic propellers, and the exceptional results attained in nine years will serve as a growth benchmark for the rest of India

Telangana successes will serve as growth benchmarks for India: KCR

HYDERABAD: Telangana has implemented the best practices to act as economic propellers, and the exceptional results attained in nine years will serve as a growth benchmark for the rest of India, said Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on the occasion of the state formation day on Friday.

"My best wishes to all the people on the auspicious occasion of Telangana Formation day celebrations, which we dreamed of and fought for, today stands at the dawn of a decade, let us celebrate the history of 60 years of struggle and 10 years of progress," KCR said while extending his wishes after raising the national flag and paying tribute to Telangana martyrs to kickstart the decennial celebrations of the formation day.

During a lively ceremony at the recently inaugurated Dr B R Ambedkar Telangana State Secretariat, the Chief Minister took the salute from police contingents. The ceremony, which was attended by around 15,000 people, marked the beginning of the 21-day celebrations across the state.

While paying emotional homage to the Telangana martyrs and everyone who participated in the separate statehood moment, KCR said, "All sections came and joined the Telangana movement, which was carried out in a non-violent and peaceful manner, based on wisdom and strategy." Intellectuals, educated people, working teachers, poets, artists, workers, farmers, students and women who played a key role in this movement marched together, regardless of caste or religious distinctions. On this State Formation Day, I sincerely bow to each of them. Heartfelt thanks to the martyrs who gave their life while fighting for a separate Telangana state."

Since coming to power in 2014, the BRS government was dedicated to achieving the wishes of the martyrs and the aspirations of the people, said the Chief Minister. Telangana, which is progressing and achieving amazing results in every field, is celebrating its 10th formation day today, which is a significant milestone for the state, he said.

"I made a promise as the Chief Minister of the State in the State Formation day celebrations held on June 2, 2014 at Parade Grounds," the Chief Minister recalled, explaining how he fulfilled all of the promises he made on that occasion a decade ago.

He added, "On that day, I promised the people that I would shape Telangana in such a way that the nation would learn from it and that it would serve as a model for India. Telangana has emerged as a model state in a variety of disciplines in just nine years. The BRS government is completely aware of the people's aspirations voiced in the Telangana movement. The Manifesto was created and implemented with sincerity to reflect these aspirations, based on the experience of guiding the Telangana movement."

KCR further said: "The Telangana model is being acclaimed throughout the country. Telangana's approach to development is admired both nationally and internationally. I humbly declare that Telangana's progress, which started slowly despite several hurdles, is rapidly accelerating thanks to dedicated public representatives, bureaucracy, government workers and public cooperation. We aim to not just achieve development but also reap the benefits of it," KCR said, applauding modern Telangana's progress.

"On this occasion, the Telangana government has decided to organise the 10th anniversary of formation day in a grand manner," KCR said while announcing the 21-day-long celebrations. "Starting today, the celebration will be conducted for the next 21 days. I encourage everyone to engage heartily in these events, which are taking place across the state, from the village level to the capital city," he added.

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