Telangana to begin ‘decennial’ celebrations of State formation for 21 days from June 2: KCR

Telangana Formation Day will be celebrated for 21 days beginning from June 2, as the state turns nine and will be geared up for decennial celebrations

Telangana to begin ‘decennial’ celebrations of State formation for 21 days from June 2: KCR

HYDERABAD: Telangana Formation Day will be celebrated for 21 days beginning from June 2, as the state turns nine and will be geared up for decennial celebrations.

On the historical occasion of the 10th year (one decade) of the Telangana formation and the Telangana state, which has been achieved through a protracted struggle, Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao discussed a slew of programmes with officials with a view to conducting them with fervour.

KCR said that the celebrations would be organized in a festive atmosphere in tune with the aspirations of the Telangana community so that the glory of the State could be spread to every corner of the world. The Chief Minister said that the celebrations would be held from village level up to the state capital Hyderabad for 21 days from June 2.

The first day of the celebrations would begin at the BR Ambedkar Telangana Secretariat under the aegis of KCR . On the same day, Ministers would organize the state formation day programmes in their respective district headquarters.

On this occasion, KCR said: ''We are entering the 10th year after completing nine years of achieving the state of Telangana on June 2, 2023. The Telangana state is formed after a lot of struggles and hardships. The state of Telangana is the youngest in the country. With the combined efforts of people's representatives and the government machinery, today Telangana is achieving excellent results in all fields and is continuing its progress. Telangana has become a role model for the country. The other states are surprised to see our progress. Leaders and people of Maharashtra and other Northern states are also surprised to hear and see the progress Telangana state is making. We are registering wonderful progress in all fields."

He asserted that the vision should be shown not only in achieving development but also ensuring that the fruits of the achieved development reached the people. The CM said that progress would continue. The CM pointed out that the centre and other state governments had no vision and long term action plan to strengthen the agriculture sector.

KCR said that the progress achieved in the last nine years was proof that the development and welfare activities implemented by the Telangana government were full of vision. The CM said that it was a great thing that Telangana achieved such a wonderful progress in just a few years though the state faced hurdles in the first year of the formation of the state and another two years during the corona pandemic.

KCR briefed the officials about the progress made in nine years in the fields of Agriculture, Electricity, drinking water, Irrigation, development of villages and towns , Education, Medical, economic progress, investments in industrial and IT sector, Singareni etc.

The Telangana State

Details of daily activities:

The first day program will be held at Dr. BR. Ambedkar Telangana Secretariat in Hyderabad . All employees and HODs of all departments including secretariat employees will be present.

♦ One day will be celebrated as 'Martyr's Day' to commemorate the sacrifices of the Telangana martyrs. .

♦ On the occasion of Martyrs' Memorial Day, Martyrs' Memorials across the state will be decorated with flowers and illuminated with lights. Tributes will be paid to the immortal heroes of Telangana in every village .

♦ Hoist the national flag.

♦ On this occasion, the Police will formally salute the martyrs by firing guns.

♦ Collectors of all districts participate in Martyrs Day. All government departments will also take part in the commemoration of martyrs programmes.

♦ The respective departments will screen the development achieved through documentaries.

♦ Every wing including Agriculture and Irrigation will screen the documentaries on the allotted day across the state .

♦ A department wise Development (Pragati Prasthanam ) document will be prepared and presented to them.

♦ A documentary depicting the progress made by the respective departments and the efforts made by the state government to achieve the progress will be made. The documentary will analyze the vision, perspective and philosophy of the government and screen in Cinemas, TVs and other media.

♦ Considering the day allotted to the Electricity Department as 'Power Day', the entire day will be celebrated as Electricity Day with a documentary presentation about the achievements of the Energy Department and other information.

♦ For example, a whole day will be celebrated as ‘Water day'. Irrigation, drinking water and development of water resources, the state government’s vision and struggle by Telangana people for water before state formation will be discussed on the water day.

♦ A special Welfare Day will be held on a special day. Special campaign through media on welfare activities implemented by the state government for the poor communities including SC, ST, BC minority women, the implementation of Dalit Bandhu, the unveiling of the 125 feet statue of Dr. BR Ambedkar, naming the secretariat after Ambedkar will be organized .

♦ Agriculture Day, Village and Urban Development Day, Revenue Day, special day to celebrate administrative reforms, police reforms, Women's Day to celebrate women empowerment, Industries and IT Day, Education day, Medical and Health Day, Artisans Day (Professions), Green Day, Handloom Day, economic progress, infrastructural development, etc will be organized every day and explain the achievements of the Telangana state.

A documentary on the first phase and second phase Telangana movement in independent India and the achievement of Telangana state will also be produced.

Another documentary will be made to explain about the progress made by Telangana as a state and the self rule started from 2 June 2014 to 2 June 2023.

♦ On this occasion, cultural programmes will also be organized. Traditional food festivals, Games, Kavi Sammelanams ( gathering of poets), Astavadhanas, performances by folk and other musicians, cinema folk and other cultural programmes will be organized .

♦ Beautification and illumination of Golconda Fort and other historical structures across the districts like Bhuvanagiri Fort and temples including the famous Ramappa .

♦ A large-scale fireworks display will be organized on the banks of Hussain Sagar.

♦ Government employees of all departments who have excelled in their respective duties will be felicitated.

♦ Dhoom Dham rally will be organized in Hyderabad with more than 5,000 artistes under the direction of the State Culture Department .

♦ The celebrations will be organized to create a festive atmosphere throughout the state .

KCR directed the officials in the review meeting that the festival committee headed by Chief Secretary Shanti Kumari will hold regular meetings and finalise the programmes for Telangana formation day in tune with the aspiration of the Telangana people.

Government Chief Advisor Rajiv Sharma, CM’s Chief Advisor Somesh Kumar, Chief Secretary A Santhi Kumari, DGP Anjani Kumar, Principal Secretary to CM Narsing Rao, Government Advisors Ramanachary, Anurag Sharma, Secretaries to CM Smita Sabharwal, Bhupal Reddy, Special Chief Secretary to Energy Sunil Sharma, CMD Singareni Collieries Sridhar, Special Chief Secretary of Finance K Ramakrishna Rao, Principal Secretary Panchayat Raj Department Sandeep Kumar Sultania, Principal Secretary Revenue Department Navin Mittal, and others participated in the meeting.

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