Vegetable vendor star campaigner of TRS in Munugode

A diehard KCR supporter, Ramalingam makes both ends meet by selling veggies and dried fish


HYDERABAD: The TRS and BJP are engaged in a keen political battle ahead of the upcoming Munugode by-election on November 7, 2022. While both parties have some popular names in their campaigning, the TRS has hearteningly found a new star-campaigner in Devara Bheemanapalli. He is Zilla Ramalingam, a vegetable vendor from the Munugode Assembly constituency.

Ramalingam, a resident of Marriguda Mandal in Devara Bheemanapalli, has been selling vegetables for the last five years. Besides his profession, Ramalingam is also locally known for his special affinity to the TRS. In every election, he is said to have voted only for the TRS and its candidates, a trend that he vows to continue even in future.

A diehard KCR supporter, Ramalingam makes both ends meet by selling veggies and dried fish. Everyday, he diligently goes around the villages, carrying the vegetables on his two-wheeler, which is painted all pink with graffiti written in support of the TRS. Since he is becoming older and unable to take up heavy labour, he opted to sell veggies. Every day, he sells vegetables, from Munugodu to Devarakonda.

He constantly plays TRS party songs from a loud-speaker attached to his two-wheeler.

The largely unsung warrior of the TRS on Thursday bumped into Telangana Agriculture Minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy while the latter was touring Damera Bheemanapalli on Thursday as part of the election campaign. He congratulated Ramalingam after learning that he made a

living by thinking creatively.

Niranjan Reddy said on the occasion that, besides KCR, TRS supporters like Zilla Ramalingam were the star campaigners.

Ramalingam was seen praising KCR, whom he refers to as Anna (brother), claiming that he was bringing Telangana together, providing drinking water to his region, and doing things that only KCR could do.

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