Voting for Congress means voting for dark days, middlemen’s rule: KCR

KCR harped on his tirade against the Congress, stating that voting for the Congress would only mean voting for dark days and middlemen

Voting for Congress means voting for dark days, middlemen’s rule: KCR

NAGARKURNOOL: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) on Tuesday harped on his tirade against the Congress party, stating that voting for the Congress would only mean voting for dark days and middlemen. Cautioning people about deceptive opposition parties, which, he said, were craving power, he urged them not to miss the wood for trees.

Addressing an impressive ‘Pragathi Nivedana Sabha’ in Nagarkurnool after inaugurating the Integrated District Collectorate Complex, the chief minister wanted the people to recall how big leaders that represented the erstwhile Mahbubnagar district ditched them and forced the people to migrate to other parts of the country.

“The rule of Congress was nothing but the rule of middlemen who exploited the poor. You compare the government of Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) with that of the Congress party, to understand how development has to be ushered in,” KCR said.

Recalling the statements of Congress leaders vowing to dump the Dharani portal in the Bay of Bengal, the chief minister saw a sinister plan in the Congress assertions to bring back terror to villages. When he asked the audience to reply whether they wanted Dharani to continue, they all shouted in unison and in the affirmative.

“Now, we have been implementing a plethora of welfare programmes such as Rythu Bandhu, where money is directly transferred to the farmers’ account. But, if you hand over power to the Congress, they will chew you up alive,” the Chief Minister said.

He said that his government had sped up work on the Palamuru Ranga Reddy Lift Irrigation Project and that, by this August, 70-80 TMC of water would be filled in major reservoirs, making the once drylands of Mahbubnagar fertile and green. He said that initiatives such as check dams and repair of water bodies had already brought positive changes in the lives of Palamuru farmers. He assured people that the government would distribute Rs 1 lakh per family of artisans involved in vocational occupations like potters from June 2023.

Earlier, KCR inaugurated the Integrated District Collectorate office, the Superintendent of Police Office and the medical college. He also inaugurated the newly-built BRS Party District office at Nagarkurnool by hoisting the party flag.

Addressing the staff at the collectorate, the Chief Minister has called upon the government employees not to let their guard down and continue the good work. “Only with your unflinching hard work, the state has reached the pinnacle, not in one but in several sectors. I salute all of you,” he said.

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