Will not let anyone communalise Telangana till my last breath: KCR

KCR on Thursday vowed to protect the state of Telangana until his last breath from falling in the hands of communal forces.

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RANGAREDDY: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao on Thursday vowed to protect the state of Telangana until his last breath from falling in the hands of communal forces.

Addressing a public meeting after inaugurating the Integrated Collectorate Complex in Kongara Kalan of Ragareddy district, the chief minister said that the people of Telangana were his strength and promised to take Telangana towards further progress with their blessings.

KCR, on this occasion, launched a scathing attack against the BJP and its alleged politics of communal hatred. In a veiled reference to the leaders of BJP and the latest tensions in the Old City of Hyderabad, he said that a few people were trying to create communal divide in the society by fomenting hatred in the name of religion for cheap and vested political gains.

He asked the gathering, "Do we need a Telangana that prospers with cultivation or a state that sizzles with communal hatred? (Pantalu pande Telangana Kavaalaa, mantalu mande Telangana kaavaala?). KCR, in his own, inimitable style, also vowed not to remain a silent spectator if the Telangana society including Hyderabad was kept on the boil with communal politics.

"Telangana has been enjoying peace and tranquility for the last eight years. The state is making rapid strides in its development. The per capita income has increased, there is abundant water and a 24-hour uninterrupted supply of electricity. These vested political elements are attempting to destroy the harmonious social fabric by stoking communal fire. I will not let the state fall in their hands until my last breath", the Chief Minister said.

In a broadside against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his NDA government, he said that the Modi-led regime at the Centre had been trying to brazenly bring down democratically elected non-BJP governments all over the country. "They are intimidating the regimes in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal with backdoor machinations. Today, in Delhi, they are resorting to similar tactics. They are openly talking of bribing AAP MLAs with Rs 25 crore each to dislodge Arwind Kejriwal's government. Is this democracy? The Telangana state should lead from the front in the fight against the Modi government. With the support of the people of Telangana, I'm ready to raise the banner of resistance to the BJP rule at the Centre", KCR said.

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