With 2.20 crore acres under cultivation, Telangana transforms into rice bowl of India

With the total cultivated area in Telangana increasing from 1.31 crore acres to 2.20 crore acres in just nine years, the State is now transformed into the rice bowl of India

With 2.20 crore acres under cultivation, Telangana transforms into rice bowl of India

HYDERABAD: With the total cultivated area in Telangana increasing from 1.31 crore acres to 2.20 crore acres in just nine years and the massive expansion of irrigation potential at a cost of Rs 1.59 lakh crore the State is now transformed into the rice bowl of India.

Grain yield which was only 68 lakh metric tonnes in 2014 increased to 2.7 crore metric tonnes by 2023, leaving the erstwhile ‘grain banks’ of India behind and creating a new history.

In addition to the augmentation of irrigation potential, the Telangana government supports farmers with the implementation of farmer-friendly schemes such as free electricity for agriculture, grain purchase, Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima and loan waiver schemes.

Optimal utilisation of river water

In order to fully utilise Godavari and Krishna waters, projects such as the Sri Ram Sagar Project (SRSP) flood canal which was left incomplete by the earlier Governments, and Kaleswaram, Palamuru-Ranga Reddy lift irrigation projects were undertaken. The Telangana Government has spent Rs 1.59 lakh crores in nine years for the construction of irrigation projects. The Kaleshwaram project was completed in record time. Rs 5,249 crore was spent under ‘Mission Kakatiya’ to restore the chain-linked ponds of the Kakatiya era.

Micro Irrigation

Through micro irrigation, 3.10 lakh farmers received a subsidy of Rs 2,186.14 crore. With a subsidy of Rs 291.66 crore, 1,190 poly houses were developed on 1,324 acres. Rs 1490.15 crore input subsidy is paid as crop damage. State share in crop insurance was Rs 909.55 crores (from 2014-15 to 2019-20). In 2022-23 alone, 82,372 acres of new oil palm were cultivated. The Government has canceled the irrigation water tax.

Increased cultivated area

The cultivated area in 2014 was 1.31 lakh crore acres, but by 2022-23 it rose to 2.20 crore acres. In 2014-15 food-grain grain production was only 68 lakh tonnes, but by 2022-23 it reached a record level of about 2.70 crore tonnes.

In 2014-15 the area under cotton cultivation was 41.83 lakh acres, by 2020-21, registering a 44.70 percent growth, increased from 18.70 lakh acres to 60.53 lakh acres. Cotton yield was 35.83 lakh bales in 2014-15 and 63.97 lakh bales by 2020-22.

Rs 11,437.55 crore for procurement

Telangana is also the only state that directly buys all the harvested grain from the farmers that too from their doorsteps. Since the formation of the state Rs 1.33 lakh crores were spent and 722.92 lakh metric tons of grain was collected. Apart from grain, other crops were purchased at a cost of Rs 11,437.55 crore.

Free power

The Government is providing free quality electricity to agriculture for 24 hours. Free electricity supply to 27.49 lakh agricultural connections. Accordingly, Rs 32,700 crores have been spent and the electricity infrastructure has been expanded. Every year Rs 10,500 crore is being paid for free electricity supply.

Financial inputs

The Rythu Bandhu scheme is implemented to protect the farmers from the clutches of moneylenders. Through the Rythu Bandhu scheme, Rs 10,000 per acre per year has been deposited directly into the accounts of beneficiaries. In the last 10 phases, an amount of Rs 65,190 crore has been deposited in farmer accounts. As part of the 11th phase of the programme in this Vanakalam season, Rs 5854.16 crore has been provided to 64.49 lakh farmers covering about 117.08 lakh acres.

To free the farmers from the burden of debt, the government is implementing the farmer loan waiver. So far, it has waived off Rs 17,351.47 crore in two installments. The Government has recently sanctioned Rs 18,000 crore to waive off loans up to Rs 1 lakh. The government is implementing the ‘Rythu Bima’ insurance scheme to support the family of the farmer who died suddenly. 1,08,051 farmer families benefitted under the Rythu Bima Insurance scheme, compensation amount of Rs 5,402.55 crore has been paid.

With the revival of the agricultural sector in the state, the living standards of the people have increased. The state per capita income was Rs 1,12,162 in 2014-15, in 2022-23(estimated) it increased to Rs 3,17,115.

Agricultural extension

One Agricultural Extension Officer (AEO) is appointed for every five thousand acres and the Government has constructed 2601 farmers' platforms (Rythu Vedikalu) with Rs 572 crores. Sufficient seeds and fertilizers are being supplied to the farmers before the season. Around 50 percent of the cotton seeds required by the country are produced in Telangana. Till now the Government has supplied 39.98 lakh quintals of seeds of various crops on a concessional basis at a cost of Rs 928.68 crore.

The Government has enforced PD Act against those who sell fake or adulterated seeds. The Government is also encouraging the establishment of food processing industries for getting minimum support prices (MSP) for crops. Telangana state stands as an example for the country for adopting a crop booking policy.


As part of agricultural mechanisation, a total of Rs 963.26 crore has been spent so far benefitting 6.66 lakh farmers.

In 2014-15 there were only 94,537 agricultural tractors were there but now they were increased to 3.52 lakhs.

The number of harvesters has increased to 19,309 from 6,318 in 2014-15. After the formation of the state, the Government has waived off Rs 273.5 crore transport tax on tractors. And also an amount of Rs 41.6 crore of pending tax is waived.

The capacity of godowns in 2014-15 was 39.01 lakh MT, now it increased to 73.82 lakh MT. In all 196 Agricultural market committee Chairman posts are filled up following the rule of reservation. A Market research and analysis wing has been set up, to advise farmers on what crops are to be planted for next season.

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