Wordy duel between Revanth, Uttam expose chinks in Congress armour

Congress, as usual, began its mega exercise of finalising tickets amid frayed tempers and ruffled feathers of leaders

Wordy duel between Revanth, Uttam expose chinks in Congress armour

HYDERABAD: Gandhi Bhavan, as always, became the venue for an umpteenth time to ugly scenes of the heated exchange on Tuesday. The all too independent leaders of the Congress, which has a high command above all, never loses an opportunity to demonstrate its disunity, dissidence and rank indiscipline.

A brouhaha between Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president A Revanth Reddy and his immediate predecessor N Uttam Kumar Reddy erupted at the Pradesh Election Committee meeting where almost every leader was also present.

Unruly exchanges are not new to the Congress. Revanth Reddy has been confronting hostility ever since he took over the reins of the TPCC.

Precisely, Uttam Kumar Reddy applied for the Congress MLA ticket from Huzurnagar constituency and his wife Padmavathi Reddy sought the party ticket from Kodad. When the matter came up, Revanth Reddy reportedly said that the high command would take a decision on two tickets for a same family. Incidentally, many father-son, father-daughter. sibling pairs had applied for Congress tickets from different constituencies.

The observation by Revanth Reddy irked Uttam Kumar Reddy who, in turn, said it was the responsibility of the former in his capacity as TPCC president to draw the attention of the high command to dual applications from same families.

Angered by the suggestion that came like a taunt, Revanth Reddy questioned the former TPCC chief as to who was he to tell him. Revanth didn’t take the suggestion kindly and Uttam too didn’t yield. Instead he also reportedly gave it back reminding Revanth his follies and the “baggage” he carried.

An hour before that Bhongir MP Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, who emerged out, had told media that the PEC would not sieve the lists and make a short list on Tuesday. It would submit the report to the high command.

Komatireddy said that he was ready to give up his seat in favour of a BC leader if needed. As many as six people applied for MLA ticket from his constituency and as suggested by the TPCC chief the candidate would be chosen based on merits.

Revanth Reddy had suggested that AICC leadership should speak one on one with the PEC members and the same was endorsed by all leaders, said Komatireddy.

There is a mad scramble for tickets in some constituencies. Former MP Renuka Chowdary sought to know how many seats were being given to women. While former APCC president V Hanumantha Rao wanted to know how many BCs were being accommodated, former Union Minister Balaram Naik sought to know the basis for finalising the tickets.

Some constituencies are witnessing a fierce competition among at least two leaders.

Every one in the Congress is capable of causing a rancour within the party and trigger tempers when it comes to allotment of tickets. There have been numerous occasions when the party offices were set ablaze and furniture smashed by the time tickets are announced.

The skirmish between the present and the erstwhile TPCC presidents is just a teaser, the actual scenes of frustration, emotional outbursts, violent reactions, sulking and appeasements are in line before the ticket allotments climaxed and reach their crescendo to house Congress-mark theatrics unfold.

In all, 1,006 applications were received for 119 constituencies. While only one application - Revanth Reddy - was received from Kodangal constituency, a maximum of 32 pay came from Yellandu ST reserved constituency.

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