YS Sharmila consoles Naveen's kin, but family of suicide victim snubs her

After Congress MLC Jeevan Reddy, YSRTP president YS Sharmila, who went to console the family members of Naveen who died by suicide


HYDERABAD: After Congress MLC Jeevan Reddy, YSRTP president YS Sharmila, who went to console the family members of Naveen who died by suicide, on Sunday, received a backlash from the family after the father of the deceased urged her not to make politics out of his son's suicide.

The deceased Naveen's uncle also expressed concern over the news being circulated about his nephew’s suicide. He denied the news that his brother's son ended his life on the pretext of TSPSC paper leakage and clarified that Naveen neither applied for the Group 1 examination nor preparing for a government job. He also said that such rumours have been creating further grief within their family and requested the YSRTP president not to resort to any politics.

However, YS Sharmila lashed out at the BRS government and KCR for the suicide of the youth. Stating that she had come to console Naveen's family, YS Sharmila said that the problem here was unemployment irrespective of the party affiliations and claimed that Naveen died by suicide due to joblessness.

YS Sharmila recalled the promises of the KCR government, which announced 88,000 vacancies in last March, and questioned why there was a delay in recruiting the said posts. She said KCR had no will to fill the vacancies and hence deceiving the youth in one way or the other. The YSRTP president said that out of 88,000 vacancies, the government had given notification only for 26,000 posts and conducted examinations for 8,000 posts. She said there was not a single Group 1 notification in the last eight years and opined that the current notification had now been in dilemma. Further speaking, Sharmila accused that only KCR's family was employed and the innocent youth were deceived and looking for odd jobs to make a livelihood.

Responding to KTR’s comments on the TSPSC paper leakage, YS Sharmila slammed the IT minister accusing him of telling lies on the paper leakage issue. She said that it was the responsibility of the IT minister for the leakage of the question paper and demanded the resignation of the minister. Sharmila rubbished the comments made by KTR in support of the TSPSC.

The YSRTP president also demanded to scrap the TSPSC and conduct the examination again with the new schedule as early as possible. She also demanded the release of the white paper on the recruitment of 2 lakh jobs as claimed by the IT minister KTR and questioned the promise of extending assistance of Rs. 3,016 for unemployed youth.

Stating that Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has no capability of administration, YS Sharmila said that the state turned into “suicides Telangana “ and “liquor Telangana” instead of Golden Telangana.

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