Central Workshop at IIT-H, umbilical cord from lab to land

The Central Workshop not only supports the technological innovations taking shape in IIT-H, but it maintains an effective lab-to-land connect.

Central Workshop at IIT-H, umbilical cord from lab to land

HYDERABAD: From making components for futuristic passenger drones to providing mountaineering equipment to adventure sport companies; and to making components for automobile companies, the Central Workshop, a fabrication unit set up in 2009 at Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IIT-H), has been providing a research and recreation platform to startups in and around IIT-H.

It has acquired sophisticated machines, which aren't commonly available in the Indian market, like the '5 Axis machine', 'vertical machining centre' and 'CNC Lathe' which are being extensively used by students and research teams to develop prototypes and product designs for various startups that deal with futuristic innovation.

Some important contributions by Central Workshop

The Central Workshop not only supports the technological innovations taking shape in IIT-H, but it maintains an effective lab-to-land connect. Major industries are keen to collaborate with this premier institution.

Maruti Suzuki Ltd: As part of the V2X technology development by Maruti Suzuki Ltd, fabrication of 10 stands for placement of communication device and battery was undertaken as per design provided by Maruti Suzuki/ CapGemini. The work involved procurement of materials, cutting of the aluminium profiles to size, drilling/ tapping and assembly of the stand.

Manali Swing: The startup is working in the field of adventure sports and sought assistance for fabrication of fixtures for rope work, cladding for pillars and frame for fitment of winch for undertaking trials jumps. CWS also fabricated claddings for concrete pillars and frame for installing the cable winch.

Crystal Ball: Commencing from February 2021, work on fabrication of drone components (composites) was undertaken for Crystal Ball on five occasions. The works were undertaken on the 5 axis machine which played a role in QCI certification of the startup.

Swirl Burner (MAE Department): An equipment which would cost in lakhs if imported, was fabricated entirely at the workshop as per design provided by the student.

Not just limited to the students of IIT-H, the unit provides hands-on practical exposure and a space for research on modern machines, which would help them develop components for startups who are focused on creating solutions for the future, to mechanical, civil and under-grad design students from other tech institutes as well.

Recently, IIT-H conducted a skill development workshop for 57 students of Industrial Training Institute (ITIs) from Patancheru and Sangareddy in four batches in May and June aiming at strengthening their skills in conventional machining and giving them an introduction to modern machinery.

"IIT-H, with full determination, is focused towards ensuring its every step serves humankind in better and get closer to the motto of 'inventing and innovating in technology for humanity'. Central Workshop is one unique platform at IIT-H that is not only aiding engineering excellence but also encouraging the learning & development of the talents surrounding IIT-H. We will ensure the IIT-H is not only known globally for its research but also as a Centre of Excellence for Skill Development," said Director of IIT-H B S Murty.

"The facility has been used extensively for research-related fabrication work by faculty, students and startups at IIT-H. The premier technology institute has a very vibrant startup culture, and many of these startups use this facility to fabricate and test their products utilising the expertise that the facility has obtained over the decade," said faculty in-charge, Central Workshop Dr Karri Badarinath.

In addition to supporting the department and campus by making sanitizer stands during the pandemic, Central Workshop has supported many high-tech fabrications for Maruti Suzuki V2X Projects, TiHAN, and Startups like Germsafe, Crystal Ball and Manali Swings.

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