“I will fight like a tiger till my last breath,” KCR thunders at massive ‘Chalo Nalgonda’ rally

KCR claimed that the 'Chalo Nalgonda' was not a political meeting but a protest against the handover of projects to KRMB.

“I will fight like a tiger till my last breath,” KCR thunders at massive ‘Chalo Nalgonda’ rally

NALGONDA: “I will fight till my last breath like a tiger won’t keep quiet like a cat. This is tiger Telangana, fighter Telangana,” thundered BRS President K Chandrashekhar Rao amid lusty cheers from on a mammoth gathering.

Setting tone for his tirade against the Congress Government in Telangana through his first-ever public appearance and address after the Telangana Assembly elections through the “Chalo Nalgonda” public meeting on Tuesday, KCR asserted that he was there to fight. He gave a clarion call to people of the state to raise their voices against every injustice to the State.

KCR, who came on to the dais with the support of a hand stick, was cheered and greeted by people with enthusiasm.

He called upon on the people of Telangana to launch a new movement to protect their rights and share of water in the Krishna and Godavari Rivers.

KCR, who underwent a hip replacement surgery, delivered the speech by sitting on his chair.

When KCR appeared on the dais and began his speech, the people gave a thunderous response as he is known for his strong comments, anecdotes, and challenges to opponents and effective repartee. KCR sent a strong message that he was back in action.

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KCR claimed that the 'Chalo Nalgonda' was not a political meeting but a protest against the handover of projects to KRMB. He emphasised the need for sustained agitation to secure water rights. He said he had been moving around Telangana for the last 24 years to create awareness among the people on their water rights. He said the due share of Telangana in Krishna and Godavari Rivers won't come easily through Assembly resolutions or meetings like 'Chalo Nalgonda.'

“We should fight our battles”

"Nobody will protect us if we don't rise like a wave with a movement. Some 'sannasulu' are talking absurdly. The Nalgonda meeting serves as a warning to all attempting to deprive Telangana of its water rights," he asserted.

KCR demanded that the State Government lead an all-party delegation to New Delhi regarding Telangana's share in Krishna and Godavari waters immediately after the Assembly session.

KCR said the previous BRS regime wrote hundreds of letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government demanding equitable water distribution. We also filed cases in the Supreme Court. The Centre wanted the case to be withdrawn to form a Tribunal. He said BRS MPs stalled the Parliament proceedings for a week when the formation of the Tribunal was delayed.

He said that the government, whoever was holding the reins, should fight for the state's rights. He said that the Congress Govt woke up from slumber only after BRS leader Harish Rao raised the issue of projects handed over to KRMB. In a panic, the Congress Government set aside the Assembly budget session and came up with a half-baked resolution. He said the resolution only talked about drinking and irrigation water, not electricity.

Will fight till last breath

KCR announced that he would fight till his last breath like a tiger and wouldn't keep quiet like a cat. "Even if I am not well, I will continue my fight," he said.

He condemned the Congress Government for its attempt to blame him and tarnish his image. He said Congress leaders were not serious about people's welfare. They only wanted power, pelf and dubious activities like “pairvis.”

He asked the BRS cadre to be ready for a long movement. "Tighten your fists and fight. Whenever it's required, we need to fight," he called upon people, amid lusty cheers..

He said a new government was expected to do better things than the previous one. However, the Congress government had been targeting him. There was to castigate KCR, he said.

Question Congress leaders everywhere

"We have given electricity for 24 hours, and you all benefited by growing bountiful of crops. The moment KCR Government has gone, the power supply went off as if it’s switched off," he said, while asking the people to question the Congress leaders everywhere about power.

He said the power supply position had turned so worse that the government had to use a generator even in the Assembly. MWhen a leader was addressing a press conference, the power went off seven times in a meeting.

He asked why the Congress couldn't give the same thing when the BRS could provide a 24-hour power supply. "You cannot run the administration because of your lack of brains," he said.

KCR said nearly 4,000 MW of electricity would be available if the pending works were completed in Damaracharla.

Fluoride-free Nalgonda achieved by BRS

Speaking about the Nalgonda district, he said nobody cared about the fluoride problem there. "The BRS Government ensured a 100 per cent fluoride-free Nalgonda district. There was no water earlier. To fetch the same, one has to have guts. And, we have. Today, farmers are growing paddy in a land where only castor was grown. Where did the water come from?" he asked.

"With your blessings, I achieved statehood for Telangana and ruled the state for 10 years. The BRS Government also ensured 24-hour power supply and drinking water to all households," he claimed.

He said the BRS cadre would continue to fight for the rights of the people of Telangana. He noted that the BRS had a long history of agitation, and its cadre fought for people, although they were implicated in false cases and no one cooperated with them.

"They say they wouldn't let KCR move. What will you do? Come. Challenge. Come. Kill me. By killing KCR, can you survive?" he challenged.

Farmers too have stronger chappals

Speaking about Rythu Bandu, he said one Congress leader threatened to slap farmers with a slipper if they asked for the Rythu Bandhu assistance. "Why can't you give Rythu Bandhu? Even if you can't give, how dare you say farmers, who asked for Rythu Bandhu, should be slapped with slippers? Even farmers also have strong and tough slippers which can break three teeth at a time. How dare?" he thundered.

KCR said that the Congress Government needed to focus on completing Palamuru and other irrigation and power projects. They should focus on implementing good schemes for the people. Increase the number or residential schools and ensure all round development of the State.

Speaking about the Kaleshwaram project, he said the Congress Government had been trying to tarnish his image. He stated that Kaleshwaram was not a doll; it comprised three barrages, 15 reservoirs, 19 substations, 21 pump houses, 203 km of tunnels, a 1,531 km gravity canal and other features. He said if two or three pillars sagged, expedite the repairs and give water to farmers. He alleged that the water supply had been stopped for farmers in many areas on the pretext of damage to the Medigadda barrage. The projects would suffer damage, said KCR adding that the gates of Kadem project were washed away and even Nagarjunasagar project developed problems.

He said that the Krishna River water issue was a life and death question for five districts of Khammam, Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Ranga Reddy and Hyderabad.

"People of Telangana will rise and fight like a tiger if injustice is meted out. I will not allow injustice to Telangana as long as I am alive," he said.

BRS never yielded to Centre

He said the previous BRS Government did not bow down before the Centre for 10 years, But the Congress Government gave away control of projects to the KRMB within three months. The condition had become so worse that Minister Uttam Kumar Reddy from Nalgonda district said that undivided Andhra Pradesh was better than Telangana. If the conditions were so good, he asked why Srikanth Chary sacrificed his life for the state of Telangana.

Stating that power was not permanent, he asked the Congress leaders to stop being arrogant and focus on running a good administration.

"One may win, and one may lose. We will come back with a double swing," he announced.

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