Jagan asserts commitment to promises at YSRC plenary opening

My father has given the world of a family. This fight began 13 years ago, facing multiple hurdles and hardships we launched the YSR Congress Party.

Jagan asserts commitment to promises at YSRC plenary opening

"My father has given the world of a family. This fight began 13 years ago.Facing multiple hurdles and hardships, we launched the YSR Congress Party. We have faced many challenges in this 13-year journey and the family that my father gave me has never left my hand," YS Jagan said. He said that the people have given an unprecedented majority with 151 seats.

Delivering the inaugural address at the plenary organized by YSRCP on Friday and Saturday to celebrate the birth anniversary of late Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy, Jagan said that the conflict started in Pavuralagutta on September 25, 2009 when the party took birth with an "Odarpu Yatra" and came into existence to fulfill the aspirations of YSR.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that they had been striving every moment to fulfill the promises made at the time of elections and to implement welfare schemes for all communities. "We have seen parties that make promises in the manifesto and destroy them," Jagan said, adding that the TDP destroyed the manifesto out of the fear of the people's protest.

The Chief Minister asserted that his party had shown the utmost dedication to implementing the manifesto as Bible, Quran, and Bagwatgeeta. "We put our manifesto before the people and implemented 95 percent of the promises. TDP is afraid to see the YSRCP manifesto," Jagan said.

He said he was proud to say that YSRCP was a party that would stick to its word and recalled the struggles that the party had passed through in the three-year journey. "Our regime has proved that this is the way to treat farmers; No matter how many stones were thrown at us, no matter how many accusations were thrown at us, we faced it," he said. Jagan said that no matter how many elections, no matter how many attacks were made against him, he did not go back and never lost his determination."

Taking a dig at the opposition, Jagan reiterated that the four demons were attacking the government with false propaganda. "Chandrababu who has been CM for 14 years is spewing venom today. Yellow media is propagating lies to the public against the government," YS Jagan said. He added that YSRCP is always with the people and in the hearts of the people.

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