KCR meets Governor after 9 months

It may surely have not buried the proverbial hatchet and bridged the gap between Governor Tamilisai Soundar Rajan and Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao

KCR meets Governor after 9 months

HYDERABAD: It may surely have not buried the proverbial hatchet and bridged the gap between Governor Tamilisai Soundar Rajan and Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) when the latter called on the former on the occasion of the swearing-in ceremony of Chief Justice of Telangana High Court Ujjal Bhuyan here on Tuesday.

There hasn't been any bonhomie between the Governor and the Chief Minister ever since she succeeded ESL Narasimhan. However, there is no discord between the duo either.

But the political affiliation of the Governor and her actions in tune with the same irked KCR. Ever since he began maintaining "distance" with her.

KCR refused to call on her even as part of fulfilling the Constitutional obligations. On the pretext that the session of the legislature was not prorogued, the Government took a stand and conveniently avoided having the customary Governor's address to the joint session marking the commencement of budget session this year.

Before that KCR didn't attend the ceremonial Republic Day flag hoisting conducted at Raj Bhavan, citing Covid 19 spread as the chief reason.

He had visited Raj Bhavan last in October to attend the swearing-in ceremony of the erstwhile Chief Justice.

Dr Tamilisai on her part was vocal and took potshots at the Chief Minister for not meeting her. She went to the extent of saying that she should have been greeted on her birthday at least as a sister, if not the governor. When her mother passed away too, KCR did not call on her nor did he call her up to express condolences.

The Governor expressed her resentment and passed snide remarks in some cases and openly attacked KCR on some other instances, especially after she had met Home Minister Amit Shah a few months ago.

The chasm widened between the two constitutional heads of the state and the embers remained simmering. The Governor alleged that the State Government ignored all protocols and she was not invited for the Medram festival and also Ugadi celebrations. The TRS leaders avoied attending the Ugadi festivities hosted by her at the Raj Bhavan.

KCR, who has been avoiding Prime Minister Narendra Modi too in the last few months, however, called on the Governor on Tuesday. But will this lead to any camaraderie between them is anybody's guess, especially after she assumed a proactive posture by conducting "darbars" and attending events that may embarrass the State Government.

The meet assumes significance on the eve of the BJP's national executive meetings slated for July 2 and 3 and Modi being in the City for two days. The Chief Minister too hasn't taken the 'proxy war' kindly. He also asserted that the Government was sticking to protocols. In fact, Union Minister G Kishan Reddy joined the Chief Minister and the Governor at the Raj Bhavan's high tea soon after the swearing-in ceremony is over. The leaders exchanged plesantries and demonstrated an unusual friendliness.

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