KTR posts childhood pic with sister Kavitha

“Some bonds are so special,” tweeted IT Ministet KTR. So what? And why is the tweet so special

KTR posts childhood pic with sister Kavitha

HYDERABAD: "Some bonds are so special," tweeted IT Ministet KTR. So what? And why is the tweet so special?

He posted two pictures - one was the pic of his son Himanshu and daughter Alekhya when they were much younger. And, then he put up a black-and-white picture of himself and his sister, Kavitha, at a much younger age.

All 'kiddos' were looking so cute that one cannot but love them.

The bondage between KTR and Kavitha is very well known that they mostly do not miss out meeting on the very special "Raksha Bandhan" days, irrespective of their busy schedules.

Like any brother, KTR's love for his sister is so much that it's depth cannot be fathomed.

Before the 2018 Assembly elections, KTR was meeting the social media warriors of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi. In that meeting, he and his sister shared the dais.

Gripped by nostalgia while speaking, he went down the memory lane and recalled how he learned about an accident met with by his beloved sister in the United States of America. He didn't stop there, he narrated how he managed to reach her from the place where he was staying and coordinating with friends and contacts to make sure she was admitted to the hospital. KTR was so expressive that one could easily realise how heart would have thumped for his sister and how much worried he was about her well-being. He was thoroughly tensed up until he reached the hospital and saw his younger sister.

With an affectionate glee on her face Kavitha, who was there on the dais, acknowledged the affection of her brother.

Marking the "Raksha Bandhan", KTR posted the picture of two brothers and sisters of two generations with a very apt comment: "some bonds are so special." Yes, indeed.

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