Modi is successfully killing democracy; says KCR

He said that Modi, who was extremely vocal when it came to degrading opposition parties, was silent when serious questions were raised.

Modi is successfully killing democracy; says KCR

HYDERABAD: "The spirit of democracy is alive in India and we, unitedly, will fight back for a better future. Dear Prime Minister sir, you are used to speaking against opposition party leaders, degrade them in all possible ways, then give us answers to the questions we ask. I would like to know if you fulfilled at least one promise which you have made to the public. If yes, what is it, what did you do for the nation?" Telangana's Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ahead of the BJP Public Meeting slated for July 3 in the city. The Opposition's Presidential Candidate Yashwant Sinha was received by KCR and other prominent leaders of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) in the city on Saturday.

The Chief Minister was at his oratorical best while launching a trenchant attack on the Prime Minister. The pace of KCR's flow of speech in chaste Hindi was spellbinding. As if he wanted to set a prelude to the BJP's National Executive, the Telangana Chief Minister went hammer and tongs against the Prime Minister and the "skewed policies" of the Centre.

KCR said that Modi was just a 'Bhaashanwadi' who spoke 'Meethi Meethi baate' before elections and 'Jhooti Jhooti baate' later. He took a dig at Modi for bringing disrepute to the country Internationally. He stated that every sector in the country was unhappy. He said that Modi, who was extremely vocal when it came to degrading opposition parties, was silent when serious questions were raised.

"Farmers, who protested for over a year over the laws made by the Centre and demanded only minimum support price were brutally murdered by the BJP's men. The Prime Minister and the Agriculture Minister were not to be seen speaking about the issue. Around 700 farmers lost their lives in the protest and no leader showed sympathy. The Telangana Government offered Rs 3 lakh to the families of the farmers and the Centre mocked even that," said KCR. He sought to know why Modi hadn't addressed the nation openly about this issue.

KCR pointed out that Modi was an unjust leader and that he was leading the country into darkness. He said that Modi was using Government bodies for his own benefit. Many opposition leaders were being targeted by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). However, the Prime Minister, despite the fact that Sri Lankan officials openly said that he forced a false deal on the country, was not questioned. During Modi's rule, the country had fallen down in multiple international rankings.

Modi must answer

The Chief Minister said that 14 persons served as the Prime Ministers of India before Modi. "Nobody is permanent. If Modi is thinking that he is going to be permanent, he is mistaken." Alleging that the Centre was pursuing anti-people policies, KCR sought to know if the farmers, youths, and unemployed youth were appearing like terrorists to Modi. The Prime Minister is thinking that there was none more intelligent than himself. He said that the BJP National Executive was going to unleash a vilification campaign against the opposition parties. KCR asked the Prime Minister to answer to the pertinent questions raised by him. Stating that a qualitative change was imperative in the country, KCR said that one could not find even one promise that was fulfilled by Modi.

Inflation soared in Modi's regime in the last eight years. Living conditions of the common man were made very difficult. KCR averred that Modi destroyed the nation in the name of development. He made tall statements like creating 'corruption-free India', but he must answer how much black money could he get back into the country. The corrupt thrived in Modi's regime, and the black money doubled. "Is this the development, he's talking about?" Modi was not working like the Prime Minister. Instead, he was working like a businessman for his friend and debilitated all government systems.

Farmers, soldiers, unemployed youth and employees were all facing a hardship in the country. KCR fumed at the Centre for instructing the States to buy coal from abroad. He sought to know why did the Prime Minister have to tender an apology to farmers, if the farm laws were good for the country. "Modi ji, please respond to our questions also in your Hyderabad meeting. Several industries were leaving India, he said adding that "Make in India" was just a fake campaign. KCR asserted that he did not have any personal differences of opinion with the Prime Minister, but he was seriously opposing his policies. "The fight against such policies will continue," said KCR.

He urged the members of the electoral college to vote as per their conscience and elect Yashwant Sinha as the President of India.

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