No rule change in fare for kids in trains

Free travel is allowed for children below 5 years, if no birth is booked

No rule change in fare for kids in trains

HYDERABAD: Indian Railways denied all the untrue claims on Wednesday, asserting that there had been no modifications made to the process for booking train tickets for children.

According to Indian Railways, the option to book tickets and reserve a berth for a child under the age of five has been made available in response to passenger demand. Additionally, it is free, just like it was in the past, if they do not want a separate berth.

In a official statement, Indian Railways stated, "There have been some recent media claims that claim Indian Railways has modified the norm with relation to buying of tickets for Children travelling in the train. According to these reports, young children will now need a ticket in order to ride the train. They range in age from one to four years. These media reports and news stories contain false information. According to information available, there have been no adjustments made by Indian Railways regarding the purchase of train tickets for children".

According to a Ministry of Railways Circular dated March 6, 2020, children under the age of five are permitted to travel free in trains. Separate berths or seats (in chair cars) are not permitted. As a result, no ticket is necessary as long as no separate berth is claimed. However, if a berth/seat is requested on a voluntary basis for children under the age of five, the full adult cost will be charged.

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