Trending #KyaHuaTeraWada mocks Modi with broken promises

The hashtag #KyaHuaTeraWada, which calls for attention to the broken promises of the Modi government, was trending on Twitter

Trending #KyaHuaTeraWada mocks Modi with broken promises

HYDERABAD: The hashtag #KyaHuaTeraWada, which calls for attention to the broken promises of the Modi government, was trending on Twitter on Friday.

The trend started with a tweet from Telangana Minister K T Rama Rao, who claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had an endless list of unfulfilled promises. He even used the hashtag #KyaHuaTeraWada to remind and question Modi about all the alleged false promises he made.

KTR even questioned the Prime Minister as to what happened to his promise that "every Indian will have a house by 2022?"

One of them, using the TRS party's official Twitter account, claimed that Modi Sarkaar's promise of "Acche Din" was the biggest broken promise in the history of independent India.

With the trending hashtag #KyaHuaTeraWada, TRS party Social Media Convenor and Telangana State Technological Services (TSTS) Chairman Jagan Patimeedi tweeted on Friday, "Modi promised, he will construct new India, where every Indian will have access to shelter, water, and basic amenities. In reality, he destroyed India to the core".

He went on to question PM Modi, asking, "What happened to 2 crore jobs every year?"

Consider the level of unemployment in the country in 2021 compared to a decade ago as a result of your inefficient leadership".

Dr. Ranjeet Reddy, a Member of Parliament, tweeted on Friday: "What is the government doing to address high inflation in 30 years, weakest ever rupee at 80, highest unemployment in 45 years, highest LPG price in the world, India has surpassed Nigeria in poverty #KyaHuaTeraWada?"

Satyavathi Rathod, a Telangana Minister, also tweeted, "It has been five years since the Central government announced doubling farmers' income." The government's claim appears hollow, as it has not even used the funds allocated for agricultural schemes in three of the last five years".

Krishank Manne, the TRS party's Social Media Convenor, told Newstap, "PM Modi and his BJP appear to have forgotten their promises to the country. Citizens took to Twitter to remind Modi of his promises about a free house, Rs 15 lakh, bringing back black money, a free gas cylinder, and a Rs 5 trillion economy, all of which the Indian government has failed miserably to address. Kya Hua Tera Wada trending at number one in India for three hours reflects how frustrated people are with Modi's broken promises ".

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