Why these fans couldn't watch Sita Ramam?

Those who had booked their tickets to satiate the craving for a movie at PVR RK Cineplex on Sunday afternoon had a nightmare to endure


HYDERABAD: It was Sunday afternoon, most ideal for a matinee show, with friends and family. And that too when there are no COVID-19 restrictions in place. But, those who had booked their tickets to satiate such a craving at PVR RK Cineplex on this Sunday afternoon, had a nightmare to endure.

After keeping them waiting for more than one and a half hours beyond the scheduled start time, the multiplex management cancelled the show. Infuriated, the fans had a heated exchange with the staff, cribbing that they were robbed of their Sunday dose of fun and entertainment.

The fact that they were denied the privilege of watching Sita Ramam, a film that had already earned critical acclaim, added to their heartburn. This was the plight of movie buffs who bought tickets for the 1:15 pm show at the posh multiplex in Banjara Hills.

For the film connoisseurs, itching to watch the film on the big screen, the first shock came when the screening of the film did not start at the scheduled time. They waited, waited and waited for more than an hour and a half, all in the hope of somehow making their way inside and watching the film. But after taking their own sweet time, the management simply announced the cancellation of the show citing some technical snag. They however promised to refund the ticket fare but that did not help much in dousing the anger and frustration among the ticket holders.

With emotions running high, several of the disappointed lot accosted the staff leading to a heated argument. Finally, the police had to intervene and pacify the angry film lovers to ensure that things did not go out of control.

Many were seen dragging themselves out of the cinema cursing their luck and the multiplex management for spoiling their Sunday.

Sita Ramam stars Dulquer Salmaan, Mrinal Thakur and Rashmika Mandanna in the lead roles and released to rave reviews on August 5.

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