Young director from Hyderabad bags 513 awards for short film, a Guinness Record

'Manasanamaha', the 15-minute short film made by Hyderabad lad Deepak Reddy, has bagged a staggering 513 awards

Young director from Hyderabad bags 513 awards for short film, a Guinness Record

HYDERABAD: A short film, made by a young Hyderabadi two years ago and still shrouded in relative obscurity, has achieved what many would even shudder to think.

The film has won critical acclaim across the globe and the proof of it lies in the long list of awards and honours it received. The list became so long that it even compelled the Guinness Book of World Records to sit up and take notice of its achievements.

Yes. You heard that right. 'Manasanamaha', the 15-minute short film made by Hyderabad lad Deepak Reddy two years ago, has bagged a staggering 513 awards till now. This is the highest received by a film as per the Guinness Records. In the process, it has broken a long-standing record set by a Spanish film with 384 awards for the same category and scripted history.

Manasanamaha, released this January, has a unique storyline that revolves around one male lead and three heroines. It is an unusual 15-minute 'romcom' that unfolds the story in reverse with rewind shots. The screenplay, direction and concept of this masterpiece were well appreciated by critics from across the world.

While his short film is creating big waves around the world, the talented filmmaker is simply waiting for a chance to meet Telangana IT Minister Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao.

His personal approach, taking to Twitter, to get in touch with the TRS Working President caught the attention of the netizens.

"I've been trying to reach you for a month," said Deepak on Twitter to share the humongous achievements of his short film with the minister.

Deepak Reddy, who has a Masters earned from the US, could have aimed to be a top honcho in the corporate world. His passion for films and filmmaking prompted him to charter a different terrain.

He made short films in dozens and even worked as an assistant to Shekar Kammula for the blockbuster film Fidaa. But Manasanamaha made him into what he wanted to be, as a creative filmmaker when it was nominated for the Oscars.

Though it failed to make it to the pinnacle, its nomination itself left the filmmakers of the country in awe. Seeing the slick work in his short film, one would be constrained to believe that Deepak Reddy surely has many more surprises up his sleeves.

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