YS Vijayamma resigns as hon. president of YSRC

YS Vijayamma resigned from the post of the honorary president of YSR Congress, apologising to the people of Andhra Pradesh

YS Vijayamma resigns as hon. president of YSRC

AMARAVATI: YS Vijayamma resigned from the post of the honorary president of YSR Congress. Apologising to the people of Andhra Pradesh and workers of the YSR Congress Party. She said she would henceforth work for the YSR Telangana Party and stand in support of her daughter YS Sharmila.

Vijayamma lambasted the "yellow media" for publishing a fake letter with her forged signature. She said that the TDP-sponsored media was on a mission of tarnishing the image of the YSR family and the political parties of his children. She paid rich encomiums to the service being rendered by her son Y S Jaganmohan Reddy and he was running the State and the party well.

She recalled how Jagan had to launch his political party and how her daughter YS Sharmila and and son Jagan took to padayatras. Going down the memory line, she recalled how Jagan was smoked out of the party by the Congress, and how Jagan vowed to the people at Nalla Kaluva in Kurnool district to "console" those who lost their lives on hearing the news of YSR's demise.

She lauded Jagan's fulfilling of 90 per cent promises within one year of coming to power. Now he is sending the representatives to go door to door to explain to the people the performance of his government. Vijayamma hailed Jagan's commitment to the State of Andhra Pradesh and listed out the various schemes introduced by the Jagan Government.

In an emotion-choked voice, she explained the need for her presence to support Sharmila and announced that she would step down from the post of YSR Congress party's position. She would continue with her daughter's party and people of Telangana.

She took on the TDP president N Chandrbabu Naidu for not introducing any scheme that would be long remembered by the people. The various welfare and development schemes of YSR could not be listed by the people as they were all too many. "I am very proud of my son who is treading the path of his father. He vowed to tread the difficult path taken by his father. I am very proud of his governance which is being rendered with his heart and soul. Jagan believes in balancing the welfare and development. He wants to ensure security of five basic

"Development means to upgrade the lifestyle of people," she asserted> She gave a warm hug to her son and was seen almost in tears, before signing off.

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