'77 Days to Ozone Run' organised in Hyderabad to promote environmental conservation

A rally, clean-up drive, and nukkad (road) show took place on July 3, 2023, from the Manjeera pipeline in Hafeezpet to Madinaguda


HYDERABAD: Fountainhead Global School students, Junior College students, and staff participated in the '77 Days to Ozone Run' on Monday to demonstrate their passion and dedication to environmental conservation.

A rally, clean-up drive, and nukkad (road) show took place on July 3, 2023, from the Manjeera pipeline in Hafeezpet to Madinaguda. The awareness rally and nukkad show were conducted in order to teach people about waste segregation, underlining the importance of using green, blue, and red garbage cans.

Students ranging in age from 5 to 16 took part in the march, displaying their commitment to cleanliness and proper garbage disposal. Every nukkad earned a standing ovation from the students and faculty. They also emphasised the importance of waste separation as well as healthy surroundings.

The participants, with their energetic chants and slogans advocating cleanliness, created a vibrant atmosphere that echoed their determination to promote a cleaner community. Their enthusiastic involvement served as a powerful reminder that individuals of all ages can make a meaningful impact in ensuring a hygienic and sustainable environment.

The event drew praise and appreciation from a variety of stakeholders, including Koyya Sudha Rani, the head of the Fountainhead Global School and Junior College in Miyapur, Hyderabad.

She lauded the participants' efforts and hailed their commitment to environmental sustainability. Her words of encouragement resonated with the attendees, further motivating them to continue their noble endeavors.

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC) workers also played an important role in the event, providing assistance with cleaning efforts. Their committed efforts to maintain cleanliness and garbage segregation were much appreciated. The GHMC team's work with the event organisers emphasised the importance of waste management in creating a cleaner and greener environment.

The event was held in collaboration with SWAN (Save Water and Nature), an NGO, and was graced by the presence of SWAN Secretary, Sridhar Vunnam. The ceremony was also attended by the creators of Ozone Run, Bilvoa Vunnam and Teerdha Vunnam, a well-known environmental initiative.

The Secretary of SWAN Sridhar Vunnam extended his gratitude to all the participants for their valuable support and encouragement. He also expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the GHMC team for their active participation and assistance in the cleaning efforts.

The "79 Days to Ozone Run" event and its associated events undoubtedly instilled a sense of responsibility and awareness among participants, emphasising the necessity of waste segregation and cleanliness. The organisers believe that this event would motivate more individuals and communities to actively contribute to the betterment of our environment.

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