Chandrababu Naidu’s career built on lies, YSRCP legacy on welfare: YS Jagan

While Naidu had no achievement to his credit, people can see the difference between TDP rule and the current YSRCP government of his, YS Jagan


BHOGAPURAM, Vizianagaram District: Stating that Chandrababu Naidu had come to power by backstabbing father-in-law NTR and had done nothing for the people during his term, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy said that his Government had been striving for the welfare of all sections of people irrespective of party, caste, creed and community.

Addressing a public meeting here on Wednesday, the Chief Minister said that his government had distributed Rs 2.1 lakh crore in the last four years through DBT for the welfare of the people unlike Chandrababu Naidu who pursued the policy of ‘loot, stash and devour’ with the support of his friendly media and foster son Pawan Kalyan.

“While Naidu built his political career on the foundation of lies and cheating, YSRCP is building its political legacy by reaching out to people through the implementation of various welfare schemes for the benefit of all sections of society including students, farmers, women’s self-help groups and the poor,” he remarked.

While Naidu had no achievement to his credit, people can see the difference between TDP rule and the current YSRCP government of his, he said. He further said that transformation was visible across levels right from villages in the form of family doctors, RBKs, digital libraries, village and ward secretariats and broadband services everywhere.

Compared to the TDP rule, the percentage of borrowings made by the present Government is also less, YS Jagan said. “When our Government is able to implement a slew of welfare schemes with the same budget as in the TDP rule, why didn’t Naidu implement the same?,” he asked, adding that it was because of the policy of looting public money that the TDP followed with the support of its friendly media and foster son (dattaputrudu) Pawan Kalyan.

Making a mockery of Naidu’s claims of his 40-year experience, the Chief Minister said that Naidu used to lay foundation stones for various projects and offer new promises just before elections with the motive of cheating people and garnering votes.

Unlike Naidu, the present Government has been working for a balanced development of all regions and welfare of all sections of society with transparency. “Naidu had thrown the TDP election manifesto into the dustbin soon after he came to power but YSRCP considers its election manifesto as a Holy Book and has implemented 99 percent of its election promises,” he asserted.

Reiterating that the YSRCP cadre could visit each household and seek the support of the people with confidence based on its performance of implementing various welfare schemes and its commitment to decentralized development of the State, he said the TDP had no achievements to its credit and Naidu and his men had no courage to seek the support of people.

Reasserting that his strength and confidence were the people and God, the Chief Minister asked them not to be misled by the vicious campaign of Naidu, his friendly media and his foster son. “The pro-people and pro-poor Government is fighting a war with the capitalists fully supported by their friendly media and foster son. But If you believe you have benefitted from the welfare schemes, you stand by YSRCP and work for its victory in the next elections,” he called upon the people.

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