Perni Nani speaks of retirement, says Bandar port public meeting could be his last with YS Jagan

Perni Nani, the former minister and one of YS Jagan’s go-to men, made some sensational comments on his retirement from politics


MACHILIPATNAM: Perni Venkataramaiah aka Perni Nani, the former minister and one of Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s go-to men, on Monday made some sensational comments on his retirement from politics. Interestingly, he made these claims right in the presence of the leader he adores most.

Speaking at a public meeting after YS Jagan laid the foundation stone for Machilipatnam port here on Monday, Nani, a former Information Minister, caused flutters by speaking about his retirement from politics. Much to the dismay of everyone including YS Jagan, he wondered if this could be his last public meeting with his most favourite leader.

Nani in fact started his speech profusely thanking and praising the Chief Minister for granting a medical college to ‘Bandar’ (Machilipatnam), getting it built and opened in record time. He asked the gathering if the people of ‘Bandar’ should keep YS Jagan in their hearts forever or not. Then, he said, in a rather emotional tone, that he would ideally like to pay obeisance to YS Jagan by prostrating before him for his unflinching commitment for the all-encompassing development of Machilipatnam. “But, since he is younger to me, I prefer showing my gratitude by saluting him with folded hands,” Nani said even as the Chief Minister took the compliment with a hearty laughter.

Then, came the bolt from the blue that the YSRCP cadre and the leaders were least expecting, especially on this particular occasion. Speaking in a light-hearted manner, he said that he would go on and on in praising YS Jagan even if it would be mistaken for flattery and said that he was anyway retiring from active politics.

Speaking in an intriguing manner, Perni Nani also wondered if he would again get an opportunity to share a public meeting plank with his favourite leader and added that this could be his last opportunity in that regard.

Even YS Jagan, who was till then smiling and laughing away Nani’s effusive praise, appeared a bit taken aback by the former minister’s parting shots. Though seemed a little disconcerted by this, the YSRCP chief however managed to quickly conceal his feelings.

Perni Nani’s latest comments may have created quite a buzz in the media for their sensational nature. But, those who are aware of Nani’s political future plans would find this hardly surprising. Nani, who was a key minister in YS Jagan’s first cabinet post the 2019 electoral victory, however was eased out in the reshuffle after three years due to compelling geo-political and social justice equations.

Even after losing his ministry, Perni Nani continues till today as one of YS Jagan’s trusted men, especially in taking on the opposition parties and taking the fizz out of their accusations. Several months before his latest comments, Nani had already made it clear that he would not be pursuing electoral politics again. His statement then was viewed as part of the succession plan he was laying out for his son to fill his shoes in Machilipatnam. It is also being regarded as part of a roadmap to carry on the rich political legacy of the Perni family that started with his more illustrious father late Perni Krishnamurthy, a former minister under the Congress rule in the erstwhile undivided Andhra Pradesh.

But, the leader proclaiming that the Monday public meeting could be his last, sharing the plank with YS Jagan, had tongues lashing and sent rumour mills into an overdrive.

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