Police detect, recover Rs. 60 lakh unaccounted cash at Chennai station

It’s not a story of a six-pack body, but a 60-pack one embedded in clothes.


HYDERABAD: It's not a story of six-pack body, but a 60-pack one embedded in clothes. Upon having the short removed, the police have detected Rs. 60 lakh hidden cash from a person.

The police on Friday conducted raids to check for narcotic substances and in the process, stumbled upon huge haul of cash in Chennai. The police, upon interrogation of the person, confirmed that it was a money meant for a 'havala transaction'.

The money was being transported from Andhra Pradesh to Chennai. The police checked this person carrying wads of currency from Andhra Pradesh at Chennai Central Station. The person hid Rs. 30 lakh currency in his shirt and another Rs. 30 lakh in a bag.

The police seized the money as the person carrying it could not substantiate the source and purpose with necessary documentary proof. While he was going from Rajahmundry to Chennai, he carried a ticket from Vijayawada to Chennai.

The police said that they were conducting searches to detect illegal transportation of cash, narcotics, and liquor and were questioning those from whom they detected these. Further questioning is on to know the source and also who the recipient is?

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