Revanth Reddy rings in New Year with promises and progress report, meets IAS families at dinner

Revanth Reddy said, "The Government will reflect the voice of people's welfare and aspire to move the State to many heights in the development."


HYDERABAD: Marking the arrival of 2024, Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy addressed the State with a message brimming with hope and a roadmap for the future.

His address echoed with the theme of Praja Palana, highlighting the fulfillment of two key promises from the six guarantees pledged during his campaign.

"We removed iron grills, barricades and liberated from all restrictions and introduced people's participation in the governance. The Government fulfilled the promise of revival of democracy and freedom for all citizens. Two out of the six guarantees have already been implemented. My Government is ready to implement the four other guarantees in the New Year.. My Government aspired to extend welfare benefits to all the deserved and promote Telangana as the number one state in development in the country," he said.

"The Government has accorded priority to youth empowerment and preparing an action plan to provide them a bright future through modern technology. The Government is ready to overhaul the entire education system from primary level to higher education. We are committed to fulfill the assurances given to the farmers.

"Government resolved to consider the New Year as the year of 'Women, Farmer and Youth'. We are determined to revamp the stalled Government administration. All the systems will be reconstructed in tune with 'Praja Palana '. Praja Vani has been launched to address the grievances of people at the Praja Bhavan. Efforts are on to introduce a humane approach in the executive system in the State administration.

"Steps are being taken to revive the precarious State economy which was completely ruined by the previous Government. Facts are already put before people by releasing "White Papers " on State finance and power sectors. A White Paper on corruption in the irrigation sector will also be released soon. The Government already initiated steps towards taking action against those involved in corruption in the previous government and recovered the looted public money from them.

"Lakhs of people are waiting for Pensions, Ration Cards and House Sites. Their dreams will be fulfilled soon. Every deserved eligible citizen will get the welfare benefit. People should not get carried away by false campaigns and propaganda unleashed by some envious unscrupulous elements after losing the power in the state. Unlike the previous dispensation, this government opened doors for 24 hours for people to extend every assistance.

"The Government is also committed to the welfare of the families of Telangana Martyrs and the activists in the Telangana movement. The State is compiling the data of the cases registered against Telangana activists and clear all of them. Rs 5 lakh insurance has already been introduced for the welfare of auto workers and job seekers in the unorganised sector. Government is also committed to the welfare of journalists and address their issues at the earliest.

"Reflecting the spirit of noted writer and poet Dasaradhi's famous quote - "Naa Telangana Koti Ratanala Veena", the Government will reflect the voice of people's welfare and aspire to move the State to many heights in the development . I am again wishing every citizen's aspirations are fulfilled, flourish every house with prosperity and bring more joy and cheer in everyone's life in the State in the New Year," he said.

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