Swollen Hyderabad reservoirs pose danger

Water being released from Hussain Sagar (Ranigunj side of the Tank Bund) on Saturday due to heavy inflows caused by incessant rains.


HYDERABAD: The official machinery of Telangana is on the highest alert on Saturday following huge inflows of floodwater into the two reservoirs of Himayath Sagar and Osman Sagar besides the Hussain Sagar lake in the heart of the city. Himayath Sagar and Osman Sagar, which have filled almost to the brim, are the major sources of drinking water, catering to the needs of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and their suburbs.

The heavy inflows are being caused due to the fresh bout of incessant rains lashing several parts of the state including the twin cities since Friday. With severe rainfall alerts issued for a few more days, authorities are taking no chances in regulating the inflows. While maintaining round-the-clock monitoring, they are also releasing water from time to time from these water bodies to pre-empt flooding and inundation of low-lying areas.

Due to the steady inflows, water has reached alarming levels in Himayath Sagar, Osman Sagar and even in Hussain Sagar. Until 10 am on Saturday, the water level at Himayath Sagar was recorded at 1760.65 feet which amounts to 2.385 TMCs. This is precariously close to the full tank level of 1763.5 feet or 2.970 TMCs, keeping the authorities on tenterhooks. Consequently, they have released 330 cusecs of water from the reservoir as against an estimated inflow of 500 cusecs.

A similar situation prevails at the Osman Sagar where the water level is currently registered at 1786.85 feet (3.189 TMC) which is just three feet short of its full tank level of 1790 feet (3.9 TMC). While the reservoir is receiving around 2,000 cusecs of water into it, the authorities are releasing 1248 cusecs downstream to ensure smooth water regulation in the reservoir.

Hussain Sagar, cause for worry

On the other hand, Hussain Sagar, the lake at the heart of the city more renowned for offering the scenic beauty in its surroundings, is also posing a grave threat of flooding to several low-lying areas. By 9:45 pm on Friday night, the water level, recorded at 513.41 metres, had already breached its full tank level (513.41 metres) in the lake. The water level was dangerously close to its MWL (maximum water level) of 514.75 metres.

Residents of Hyderabad have been bearing the brunt of the incessant rains for well over 10 days now. With the fresh spell of copious rains since Friday, their hardships have only doubled. Several low-lying areas have already been inundated due to Friday's rains.

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