Video: Drunk 'cops' chased for conning motorists

“If you have an exploitative bent of mind, you will look to make gold out of nothing.”


WARANGAL: "If you have an exploitative bent of mind, you will look to make gold out of nothing." When the rains forced everyone to stay indoors, two men in Mahbubabad district of Telangana have taken this old saying rather too seriously and almost succeeded in it.

They came up with a con act that can shock the police out of their wits and even leave nature in shame as not even the incessant rains could deter them. Before we reveal their 'escapade of sorts', here is a bit of dope. The two were heavily drunk and that added the extra kick to their misadventure.

Going into the details of the incident, road users on the main Gudur-Narsampet thoroughfare were meted out with an unexpected treatment from two "policemen" on the outskirts of Gundenga village on Saturday. Despite the continuous downpour, the two men kept stopping all the vehicles plying on the road, asking for their licence and other travel credentials.

Those who did not have the documents were made to cough up some amounts in 'penalties'. While some innocent vehicle users paid fines diligently, a few others grew suspicious of the two self-styled cops. The reason for their suspicion is that the police in their region never carried out random checks of this nature before during a downpour of this nature.

Secondly, the two only sported the long rain coats that the police usually wear during the wet season. But the mother of all doubts stemmed from the fact that the two were in a highly inebriated condition.

That's where, a few of the people gathered courage and confronted the duo. They asked the two men to prove that they were indeed cops and even demanded that they showed their IDs. Realising that their con act was thoroughly exposed and the situation was turning out to be worse, one of them left the place pushing their bike away. However, the other one was caught. He was asked why he was collecting fines and asking for licence. When questioned who he was, he said he was the "CI" (meaning the Circle Inspector). When insisted that he produced his ID, he couldn't. The confronters stripped him of the raincoat and gave him a through dressing down.

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