Villagers in Parvathipuram give YSRCP MLA Joga Rao milk bath

YSRCP MLA from Parvathipuram was drenched, literally, as people showed their admiration by giving him a milk bath for get a road laid to their village


PARVATHIPURAM: People’s representatives, especially legislators, always tend to get more brickbats than bouquets from their electorate. Rarely, they get drenched in a spontaneous outpouring of appreciation from the public. In one such incident, the YSRCP MLA from Parvathipuram was on Saturday drenched, literally, as people showed their admiration by giving him a milk bath for making their long-pending demand a reality through his relentless efforts.

A large number of women in Chakkarapalli village in Balijapet mandal of Parvathipuram Manyam district honoured YSRCP MLA from Parvathipuram Alajangi Joga Rao by giving a ‘palaabhishekam’ (milk shower). What made the legislator so endearing for these villagers? Well, the MLA took the initiative, in letter and spirit, to fulfill their long-awaited wish of a road to their village.

According to reports, Chakkarapalli village has been languishing for more than five decades in the absence of a pucca road. Despite several requests and reminders to leaders of parties in power and the legislators, it remained an empty promise. During the election campaign in 2019, Alajangi Jogarao, who contested on behalf of the YSRCP, promised to get a road constructed to their village. Unlike many politicians, he strove hard to overcome many obstacles and got the road constructed at a cost of Rs 2 crores.

Seeing the newly-laid road, the villagers could not believe their eyes. As their long-awaited dream came true, overjoyous villagers honoured the MLA Alajangi Joga Rao by inviting him to their village. The villagers conducted a procession carrying him on the palanquin while the women of the village treated him with a milk bath, to show their appreciation. The gesture was so overwhelming that Alajangi Joga Rao became emotional and was moved to tears.

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