Woman flings two children from 8th floor, jumps to death in Bansilalpet

The police suspect that the woman resorted to the extreme step, unable to bear the alleged harassment her husband and in-laws


HYDERABAD: A tragedy unfolded in Bansilalpet on Monday as a woman took the lives of her twin children before ending her own. The woman, identified as Soundarya, pushed her twins, Nitya and Nidarsh, from the eigth floor of a multistoried apartment complex. She then followed suit by taking her own life, jumping from the same building.

The impact of the fall resulted in fatal injuries for all three victims, and they tragically lost their lives on the spot. The police revealed that the woman's actions are believed to be a result of alleged dowry harassment from her husband and in-laws. A case has been registered and the police are further investigating the incident.

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