YSRCP leaders say no one above law, hail Chandrababu Naidu's remand

YSRCP leaders hailed the judgement and criticised Naidu for running a corrupt regime


VIJAYAWADA: Minutes after the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) court remanded TDP president Chandrababu Naidu to judicial custody for 14 days in the skill development scam, YSRCP leaders hailed the judgement and criticised Naidu for running a corrupt regime.

YSRCP General Secretary and Government Advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy slammed Naidu and accused him of being the architect of several scandals and looting public money. He said that Naidu was the first former Chief Minister in two Telugu states to go to prison on corruption charges. He added that Naidu and his son Lokesh made all possible efforts to create law and order trouble in the State since Naidu's arrest on Saturday.

"The CID has proved all the charges against Naidu beyond doubt. The probe has been going on for the past two years into the skill development scam and has made several arrests. Naidu is the principal conspirator of the scam where Rs 271 crore was diverted to shell companies. Skill development corporation was set up even without cabinet resolution and funds were released without cabinet approval. Naidu exerted pressure on the finance department to release the funds by deviating the business rules," Sajjala alleged.

Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy said that the State Government wanted to bring Naidu in a special chopper after arrest in Nandyal out of courtesy to the former Chief Minister and in view of his security needs. However, Naidu refused to accept the offer and insisted on the police to travel only in his vehicle. He said that Naidu had also directed the vehicle driver to go slow only to create trouble enroute.

He added that that Naidu wanted to take publicity even from his arrest and deliberately delayed the convoy reaching the SIT office in Tadepalli. Sajjala said that there was no political vendetta behind his arrest. He said that Naidu's entire life was packed with manipulations and corruption. Reddy also criticised Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan for making unncessary drama since the arrest of Naidu.

Meanwhile, reacting to the arrest, Tourism Minister Roja drew parallels to how the TDP president usurped the party from NT Rama Rao.

"God waited for Naidu to turn old and teach him a lesson. It was around the same age that he insulted NT Rama Rao. Now he will realise the pain and eat chips in jail for the rest of his life. Naidu is being treated in the same way when a common man commits a crime. No one is above the law," she said.

Industries Minister Gudivada Amarnath said that, "It’s a victory for the people of Andhra Pradesh. Law will take its own course. Those who have looted public money will have to answer the people and face proceedings."

"Today marks a historic day as common man's wish to send Naidu jail, for looting the public money, has come true. Naidu, who is the key conspirator of several scams, which he conspired in the last 45 years of his political tenure, is finally held accountable in people's court and justice has prevailed," he added.

Amarnath said that neither Chandrababu Naidu nor any TDP leader had said that he had never committed the financial fraud. "They were all talking about the technicalities and sections without being categorical about his role and complicity. He was not ready to assert that he was not involved in abuse of funds," he claimed.

Amarnath also said hat Naidu never said he had not offered bribe in the cash for vote case. He and his lawayers always talked about technicalities in the case. He had claimed that his voice clips were used in bits and pieces. He never had said it was not his voice and he did not speak over the phone.

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