To keep the surroundings cool, lawns and gardens get watered on a daily basis from March 2023 to June 2023

More than 200 sprinklers and mini rain guns were installed in all enclosures, especially those with herbivores
About 1,000 doggers were put in the Reptile House, New Macaws, Pheasantry, and Aviary areas of the Zoo Park
Over 1,000 kgs of thunga grass were put on the roofs of enclosure night homes that were at least 6 inches wide by the zoo
More than 80 air Coolers were installed in the monkey, carnivore, and omnivore areas
All Apes, Monkeys, Primates, Birds, and Bears are given seasonal fruits such as water melon, musk melon, and citrus varieties to keep them hydrated
To combat the effects of summer stress, animals are given water mixed with Glucon-D, Electral Powder, Vitamin-C supplements, B-Complex supplements, Stresswell, and Thermo Care Liquid
To prevent dehydration, the zoo regularly gives plenty of protected cold water to all animal houses
The zoo has also put shade curtains around Duck Pond and Stork Pond
The Nocturnal Animal home and cub rearing centre now have air conditioners and exhaust fans
All herbivore enclosures are also equipped with permanent shady shelters