Roll up sleeves, fold chairs, restrict TDP to 23; fan should be inside home, cycle outside, glass in sink: Jagan at ‘Siddham’

Addressing a mammoth gathering from the Rayalaseema region, he said that the 2024 election battle would be between two ideologies.

Roll up sleeves, fold chairs, restrict TDP to 23; fan should be inside home, cycle outside, glass in sink: Jagan at ‘Siddham’

ANANTAPUR: “The fan should always be inside your homes, the cycle should be kept outside and the tea glass must be thrown in the sink,” YSRCP chief and Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said at the Siddham cadre meeting at Raptadu in Anantapur district on Sunday.

Addressing a mammoth gathering from the Rayalaseema region, he said that the 2024 election battle would be between two ideologies. “The fight is between the party which wants to continue welfare schemes and the other party that is hell-bent on scrapping the welfare schemes,” YS Jagan observed.

Non-Resident Andhras

He pointed out that several Non-Resident Andhra (NRA) leaders visit the State once in a while and fight against those who were born here and stay here in AP. “I challenge Chandrababu Naidu, that despite being the CM for 14 years, show any credible work done in the state, especially for farmers,” he said.

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He said that Naidu who was three times Chief Minister did nothing for the students or the poor. YS Jagan said that Naidu despite releasing colourful manifestoes never implemented 10 percent of those poll time promises. “ Chandrababu Naidu is once again ready to deceive the people of AP with his manifesto in the name of Super Six schemes. My YSRCP cadre should visit every household and explain how Chandrababu Naidu failed miserably in fulfilling any of the promises made,” Jagan said.

He called upon the booth-level cadre to be ready to roll their sleeves and fold their chairs to confine TDP to 23 assembly seats once again in 2024. “ We must explain to every individual - be it women, elderly, youth across all communities that they need to vote for continuation of welfare schemes,” YS Jagan pointed out.

Urging cadre to be the star campaigners he said that they must reach out to every household and share how the YSRCP Government provided benefits like free crop insurance, RBKs, and free electricity. “The fan symbol of YSRCP should always be inside your homes. The TDP’s cycle should be kept outside. The Jana Sena must be thrown into the sink,” was in a nutshell what Jagan wanted his cadre to do.

Star campaigners

Urging the cadre to visit the houses of beneficiaries and to remind them about the transition brought by the YSRCP Government in the education sector and in Government schools, he said the vote to TDP would mean the end of English medium education in all Government schools. “One must vote for YSRCP to ensure that the elderly, widow and differently-abled get their pensions at their doorstep, on the first of every month, without a hassle through the secretariat system,” he added.

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Villages in AP were adorned with Grama Sachivalayams, Rythu Bharosa Kendras, and health clinics and Jagan pressed the button 125 times and distributed Rs 2.55 lakh crore through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) in a transparent manner without corruption, he said.

“I want my cadre to reiterate how YSRCP ensured social justice as 75 percent of the beneficiaries belong to BC, SC, ST, and Minority communities. Your son Jagan and his YSRCP cadre are going to visit every household and ask for re-election based on our track record of fulfilling 99 percent of our election promises,” the CM said.

Jagan asked the cadre why anyone should vote for TDP when the YSRCP Government delivered both welfare and development and improved the living standards of the poor. “ If TDP and Chandrababu Naidu think that Jagan has not done any good for the people, then what is the need for him to desperately stitch alliances with others,” he said.

Beware of Chadramukhi

He called upon the cadre to visit every household and tell the beneficiaries to press two buttons on EVMs on election day. “One for MLA and another for MP. If people don’t press the button for YSRCP, Chandrababu Naidu will come riding on the cycle in the form of Chandramukhi and suck your blood,” Jagan said.

Jagan pointed out that the ensuing election would be very crucial for Naidu who would turn 80 years of age in the next election by which his party would vanish. “That’s why he is doing all he can to come to power. He is trying for a direct alliance with a national party, and an indirect deal with another national party. Don’t fall prey to it,” he cautioned the cadre.

YS Jagan said that he was not the beleaguered Abhimanyu to succumb to the arrows of opposition conspirators. “I am Arjuna, and you are all my Krishnas, my ammunition to fight the enemies. YSRCP is the only party that recognises and rewards hard-working, honest leaders,” he said.

He said that his entire cadre, ward members, MPTCs, ZPTCs, Municipal Councillors, and every supporter should realise that YSRCP didn't belong to him but it belonged to everyone. “My entire cadre and every person standing here must know that Jagan will always have your back,” Jagan said.

Setting a target to win 175 out of 175 Assembly Constituencies and 25 out of 25 Parliamentary Constituencies seats YS Jagan asked the cadre whether they were ready for the ensuing battle. “ Are you all ‘Siddham’ (ready) for the battle of Kurukshetra set to be fought in another 55 days? Are you ‘Siddham’ to safeguard your future from Naidu and his pack of wolves,” he asked the cadre.

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