YS Jagan claims corruption-free land administration in AP

The government initiated a resurvey of all lands to help farmers and other landowners after receiving numerous complaints from the public about land grabbing

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

SRIKAKULAM: The YSR Jagananna Saswatha Bhu Hakku Mariyu Bhu Raksha Pathakam would provide a land administration system that leaves no opportunity for corruption, tampering, land grabbing, duplication, or civil conflicts in the State, said Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

After handing over the land title deeds to the property owners, the Chief Minister told a large public gathering here on Wednesday that the programme, which began two years ago at Jaggayyapeta, would be implemented in five phases to benefit 7,92,238 land owners in 17,850 revenue villages. Two lakh mutations have already been carried out in 4.31 lakh sub divisions as part of the resurvey completed in 2,000 villages in a record time of just nine months, automatically saving the farmers Rs 27.80 crore as well as their valuable time.

While farmers in 2,000 villages would be given permanent title deeds in the next two weeks in the first phase, the distribution of land ownership documents in the second phase, which will cover 4,000 villages, would be completed by February 2023. The third phase, which would cover another 6,000 villages, would be completed by May 2023, the fourth phase, which would cover 9,000 villages, by August 2023, and the fifth phase, which would cover the remaining villages, by December 2023.

The government initiated a resurvey of all lands to help farmers and other landowners after receiving numerous complaints from the public about land grabbing and civil disputes during his 3,648 km padayatra. With the completion of a resurvey initiated after 100 years in the state, all illegalities, land grabbing, encroachments, and civil disputes relating to land ownership would be permanently ended, he said.

The resurvey, which would cost Rs 1,000 crore and employ 10,185 village surveyors and 3,664 ward planning secretaries, will free all land owners from civil disputes, land grabbing, encroachment, and fear of duplication, he said, adding that there would be no tampering with documents in the future.

Landowners would be given physical receipts, as well as a unique identification number and a QR code containing comprehensive land information, including land mapping. He went on to say that every land parcel will be provided with free Bhu Raksha boundary stones, and that the entire process will involve all stakeholders in every aspect and stage of survey. In the event of an objection, Section 12 (S&B Act, 1923) provides for reverification of land ownership rights.

The resurvey will also put an end to the pathetic situation in which farmers are rushing from pillar to post for surveys, mutations, and resolving grievances. Land transactions can be conducted at the sub-registrar office once the resurvey is completed. He stated that all records would be available in the village and ward secretariats. Field line applications will now be processed by village surveyors in 15 days and patta sub division applications in 30 days.

The chief minister stated that survey, sub division, mutation, and registration of immovable properties would be done at village secretariats, and that access to land information would be available to anyone from anywhere and at any time.

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