Don't worry too much about your children's academics: AP DGP

Andhra Pradesh police department held a rally on the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day


VIJAYAWADA: The Andhra Pradesh police department, in association with the Psychiatric society, held a rally from Benz Circle to Indra Gandhi stadium here on the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day on Saturday. The event was organized to create awareness among the people who are vulnerable and susceptible to suicide.

Director General of Police Rajendranath Reddy participated in the event and addressed the gathering. The DGP said that they had been organizing many events on World Suicide Prevention Day. Stating that students of classes 8 to 12 succumbed to depression and always chose to take the extreme step, DGP advised the parents not to pressurize their children, especially regarding their studies and examinations. He also asked the parents not to be wary of their children's academics as the government is constantly taking steps for quality education.

Further speaking at the rally, the DGP also asserted that there was a need for counseling the youth to pre-empt suicides. He said that most youths happened to turn sensitive when scolded and reprimanded, driving them to extreme steps. "This has become a concern for society," said the DGP. He also stated that, on its part, the AP police department had been taking all necessary care to ensure there was no scope for insult in the police stations under any circumstances.

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