"Don't waste energy abusing me," says Shraddha Das

While Shraddha Das comes in support of Anasuya, she was also trolled by Vijay's fans

Shraddha Das

Anasuya Bharadwaj is engaged in an online war with Vijay Deverakonda's fans. After Anasuya posted a cryptic tweet targeting Vijay, the actor's fans trolled her, and some even abused her. The actress objected to many calling her 'Aunty,' and she revealed that she would file a legal complaint against them. When actress Shraddha Das came in support of Anasuya, she was also trolled by Vijay's fans.

Replying to trolls, Shraddha tweeted, "Guys, you will waste your time and energy abusing me, I only block and delete. So pointless. It's senseless for you to troll me for complimenting Anasuya Bharadwaj on her looks! Get well soon!"

Earlier, when Vijay's fans are trolling Anasuya, Shraddha Das tweeted, "You look younger than most women, even half your age, stunning, I would say! And hotter than most uncles double your age. Fan of you."

Anasuya thanked Shraddha and replied, "Thank you, gorgeous for being so kind and venerous with these words. Much love! #WomenUpliftingwomen #BlessedAndGrateful #StrongerTogether."

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