Amazon delivery: 2 executives assault complainant for escalating irresponsible delivery of recliner meant for disabled

The customer booked a recliner costing Rs. 16,000 on Amazon online and requested for its delivery between 11 am and 7 pm on the day of delivery

Amazon delivery: 2 executives assault complainant for escalating irresponsible delivery of recliner meant for disabled

HYDERABAD: In a case of rank of irresponsibility and hooliganism against a common man, two persons, claiming to be delivery executives of online marketplace Amazon, attacked a man and his mother under Trimulgherry police station limits in Secunderabad on Thursday.

Amit Kumar Sharma, a senior executive for JCT Pvt Ltd, a consulting firm, who righteously questioned the manner of delivery of a recliner meant for the use of his disabled brother was attacked by two delivery executives.

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The customer booked a recliner costing Rs. 16,000 on Amazon online and requested for its delivery between 11 am and 7 pm on the day of delivery. However, the item was delivered around 8 am at the car park of his apartment, Gayatri VR residency located on Saraswathi Nagar Colony in Lothukunta.

He soon escalated the matter to the customer care of Amazon through the toll-free number.

As he could not leave the recliner in the parking area overnight fearing its theft and also the possibility of stray dogs coming and soiling the set, he took the help of the watchman and a couple of other people of the building and dismantled it and took it to his third floor residence parts by parts in an elevator.

While the customer care has taken down the details and informed him to address the issue, two persons came and knocked at the door the next day afternoon on January 25.

They confronted Sharma as to why did he lodge a complaint. As he was expressing his indignation over the bad delivery process of leaving the item in the car park area instead of delivering it in his third floor home between the requested time slot, the duo entered into a wordy duel with him.

After a heated exchange, the two executives began punching and hitting him with hard blows. As his mother came to his rescue, they attacked her and also pushed her.

As he raised an alarm, neighbours of his flat around gathered there and resisted the atrackers and some of them tried to hold them firmly to physically arrest them. Even as Sharma was trying to call up the police, the duo managed to escape and flee the scene.

He eventually lodged a complaint with the Trimulgherry police station on Thursday.

Upon the receipt of the complaint, Sub-Inspector Reddy tried to contact the customer care and inquired for providing him with the details of the two assailants (delivery executives), the customer care kept the inspector’s call on hold for long and repeatedly disconnected it.

In an email sent to Newstap, Sharma explained:

Name : Amit Sharma - Working as Consultant at JCT P Ltd.

Order ID : 406 - 6114409 - 7956304 Account Name : Axis Solutions

Order Value : 15979.00

“I placed the above order for a recliner sofa on January 19 and it got delivered on January 24. The order time requested for delivery was in between 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM. However, the delivery team came and left the ordered item in our parking area around 8.30 am with no intimation to us. After multiple calls too, they did not come to deliver the product on 3rd floor which is clearly mentioned in the address as Flat No.306.

“As there was no response i had to call Amazon team and escalate the issue to customer care wherey Mr.Biswajeet (customer care supervisor) assured me of action at the earliest. As the sofa set was lying in the parking area and there is no night security in our apartments, I, with some help from people around, managed to move the recliner sofa into my house. Today which is January 25 around 1:45 PM, two unknown men came asking me why a complaint was raised to Amazon about the delivery for which I gave them adequate reasons on not doing their job. They got into an argument mode and suddenly started hitting me. Being alone, I could not defend myself and got badly hurt and started bleeding. Upon hearing the noise of a scuffle, my mother, who is 67 years old, came out. She was also pushed aside and assaulted. When people from other flats in the apartment complex came to my rescue, both the delivery team agents managed to escape. I have lodged a police complaint and the SI Mr.Reddy was prompt in action. He made all efforts to locate them, but there was no support from Amazon customer care on giving information on their team members and they kept saying ‘we will take action internally’. The sub-inspector Mr.Reddy also informed them it was a criminal offence, so they would need to provide the details to take investigation further.

“But, as the SI and me kept on persistently calling, Amazon customer care supervisors, Poooja and Anupma, kept call our on hold and disconnected them repeatedly. The Police team is investigating and trying to locate the delivery team members.”

Sharma demanded stringent action against the hooliganism of the delivery executives and also the irresponsible way Amazon had dealt with the customer complaint, besides irresponsible delivery process.

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