Rachakonda Police arrest three kidnappers within eight hours

A case was registered at the Meerpet police station under the relevant sections

Rayidi Radhakrishna

HYDERABAD: The Meerpet police officers made three arrests in less than eight hours after the kidnapping of 35-year-old Hyderabad resident Rayidi Radhakrishna.

According to the police, the main accused, Vudatha Pawan Kumar, met the victim, Rayidi Radhakrishna, in Guntur in 2016. The victim allegedly requested that Pawan Kumar invest money in his internet business. Pawan invested Rs 70 lakhs in his business in installments.

Following some disagreements, Pawan requested that Radhakrishna repay his money. Rayidi Radhakrishna, on the other hand, informed Pawan that he was unable to repay the loan due to a large loss in business.

Pawan Kumar went to the victim's home in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, and demanded that he repay the money over which they had an argument. Radhakrishna went to the local police station and filed a report against Pawan Kumar.

A case was filed at Guntur's Nallaadu police station under the relevant sections.

Later, the victim and his family relocated to Hyderabad; they rented a house in Balapur X Roads, Meerpet, and started a private job.

However, after learning the victim's address, the accused resolved to reclaim his money at any cost.

Pawan Kumar contacted his associates, Patnam Kannan, Renivatla Venkatesh, and Abotula Govinda Rao, they devised a plan to kidnap the victim and use threats to recover his debts. They planned to follow Pawan Kumar at 9:30 a.m. on November 15, 2022, when he was on his way to Radhika Hospital via Balapur X roads. Both accused rushed to the scene in their Maruthi ECO car and kidnapped the victim.

After receiving a complaint from the victim's wife, Meerpet Police investigated the case, followed up on leads from CCTV footage, acted quickly, and identified the suspects within 8 hours.

A case was registered at the Meerpet police station under the relevant sections.

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