5 things your body needs during winter which you probably didn't know

While the body is busy keeping itself warm, it's your duty to keep your body safe and healthy during winters

Human body

Human body 

HYDERABAD: With the season changing, the human body also undergoes certrain changes. Especially when the season shifts to winter. Temperatures drop below the body heat levels, during which the body tries to generate more heat for itself. While the body is busy keeping itself warm, it's your duty to keep your body safe and healthy during winters.

However, these changes in the body are not very visible changes like patchy dry skin or chapped lips. Know what these changes are and how to keep your body safe in winter here:

The heart rate increases during winter

The heart works harder to keep your body warm during winters, increasing the heart rate and blood pressure. Practice breathing exercises to control your heart rate. Give enough rest to your body to keep your blood pressure low.

The body is prone to dehydration

Unlike summer, you do not feel thirsty during winters, which can lead to lesser consumption of water and dehydration. Keep reminders and make sure to drink eight glasses of water everyday.

The body is also prone to urinary infections

Because the body sweats less during the winters, which means all the salts in the body would only be released through urinating. Therefore, it becomes necessary to pee more frequently to avoid infections.

Increased protein intake is better for your body

During this season, the body tends to generate more dead skin and hair cells. Your bones also tend to feel heavy and muscles get cramped up. Increased protein intake would keep your skin, hair, bones and muscles healthy.

Soft tissues in your body may pain

Soft tissues, like around the ears and nose, which are exposed to cold winds can become cold easily due to the lack of fat, which is important to maintain body temperature. This can lead to the nose or ears paining. Make sure to cover your face and nose.

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