Breast implant surgeries nearly double in a decade in Hyderabad

Several factors have resulted in a doubling of breast implant surgeries in Hyderabad

Dr. Sandhya BalaSubramanyam

HYDERABAD: Having small breasts sometimes lead to social stigma and low self-esteem, particularly among women who work outside the home. This situation frequently arises as a result of social conditioning and patriarchy, both of which are prevalent in India. These factors, along with others, have resulted in a doubling of breast implant surgeries in Hyderabad in just a decade.

Doctors at SLG Hospitals, a prominent multi-super-specialty healthcare provider in the city, have noticed that an increasing number of women in their twenties and thirties are opting for breast implant surgeries to improve their physical appearance. Many young women believe that having small breasts makes them unattractive, making them feel insecure about their bodies and preventing them from wearing dresses they would otherwise wear.

"Young women who step out to work are sometimes concerned about their body proportions and want bigger-sized breasts to look attractive," said Dr. Sandhya BalaSubramanyam, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, SLG Hospitals. This procedure is well-documented on the internet. In addition, social media has a significant impact on them.

"While there were a maximum of 10-15 breast enhancement surgeries per month in Hyderabad a decade ago, the number has now increased to 25-30." And, as more women become financially independent, this number is likely to rise in the coming years," she added.

Dr. Sandhya BalaSubramanyam recently performed transaxillary endoscopic (armpit approach) breast implant surgery on a 27-year-old IT professional for breast enhancement. She sought advice on breast enhancement so that it appears natural for her body type and does not appear fake. Breast augmentation or enhancement is a procedure in which silicone implants are placed beneath the breast gland or chest muscles to increase the size of the breast. It is usually done through an incision beneath the breast. A transaxillary approach, on the other hand, can conceal the scar. The end result is a scarle that naturally enhances breasts.

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