Reverse diabetes with a combination of homoeopathy and nutrition

The conventional treatments for diabetes are aimed at maintaining normal levels of blood sugar only.

homoeopathy and nutrition

HYDERABAD: Diabetes has become the most common disorder of the decade, with 40% of the world's population suffering from Diabetes diagnosed or undiagnosed, along with other metabolic disorders put together. India and China are leading the race.

Diabetes is a disturbance in the way the body regulates and uses sugar (Glucose) as fuel for our day-to-day body functions. This long-term or chronic condition results in too much sugar circulating in the bloodstream. Eventually, high blood sugar levels can lead to disorders of the circulatory, nervous, and immune systems. Literally, every system can get affected because of diabetes type 2. 

In type 2 diabetes, there are primarily two interrelated problems at work. Your pancreas does not produce enough insulin; a hormone that regulates the movement of sugar into your cells and poor response of the cells to insulin and takes in less sugar. 

Diabetes type 2 is known to be a progressive disorder which means once diagnosed to be diabetic, with just a simple rise in blood sugars, it progresses to affecting the important organs one by one.

The conventional treatments for diabetes are aimed at maintaining normal levels of blood sugar only, ignoring the root cause of the disorder. The cause of the disorder remains untreated for a lifetime, hence, slowly progresses further, needing increased dosage of the medication year by year even though medicine is taken regularly.

Homeopathy and Diabetes Reversal

In Homeopathic Diabetes reversal, the treatment is aimed at the root cause treatment i.e dietary management (scientific balanced diet), lifestyle corrections, stress management along with homeopathic medication for the root cause of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

The three-dimensional approach

i.e dietary interventions, lifestyle interventions, Homeopathic treatment must be done together for better results as against popular belief that dietary changes alone for diabetes reversal.

This is because, without Homeopathic medical intervention, the reversal will not sustain long as the medical reason for diabetes remains untreated.

With diabetes reversal in this three-dimensional approach, the dependency on conventional medicine either can be completely stopped (if complete reversal is achieved), or reduced (if partial reversal is achieved), though individual results may vary as per the patient's condition.

If we can understand the root cause of diabetes, it is basically an excess of food intake for physical work done by a person. This results in surplus sugars for the body, to be stored for future use in the form of fat under the skin, around the abdomen, hips and in the muscles, around and within the visceral organs. This makes the person obese gradually and when this crosses a threshold, the sugar overflows into the blood to be termed Diabetes. To throw this excess sugar out from the blood, the kidneys work more to send out the excess sugars through the urine for maintaining homeostasis within the body.

This process of dietary overload superadded by a sedentary lifestyle happens over a period of months and years. This is further complicated by stress, leading to further progression of the disorder to complications.

It is primarily a dietary disorder superadded by pancreatic insufficiency and insulin resistance. This entire process of dietary overload combined with a sedentary lifestyle and stress; not only leads to diabetes but also to a series of metabolic disorders like dyslipidemia (cholesterol problem), Obesity, Fatty Liver, PCOS, Hypertension, cardiac problems, renal failure, acanthosis nigricans and gouty arthritis etc.

The conventional treatments are symptom-specific, which means different medicine for different symptoms, like separate medicine for blood glucose, cholesterol and other issues, ignoring the root cause. The body is wholistically one unit, and every organ is dependent upon each other making it a coordinated effect of health or disease. Hence the treatment also must be aimed with a holistic approach, which is the uniqueness of system of Lifestyle Homeopathy.

Complete Diabetes reversal can be done using this method of dietary and lifestyle interventions along with homeopathic treatment that does not have any side effects.

Article Authored by Dr. Sudheer Reddy - Founder, Wishealth, Lifestyle Homeo Clinics

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