Ah, Monday again! Here are five steps to effectively deal with Monday blues

Monday blues is usually used to refer to the feeling of getting back to work after enjoying the weekend

Monday blues

Monday blues

HYDERABAD: Ever wondered why people wear blue clothes on Mondays? Why are people seen posting dealing with 'Monday blues' or similar things on their social media.

Monday blues is usually used to refer to the feeling of getting back to work after enjoying the weekend. Since a majority of people have a holiday on Sunday, getting back to the office and regular day-to-day routine on Mondays generally triggers melancholy in humans.

The phrase originated back in the 1800s, when Blue Monday was used by the labour workforce who got back to work hungover, after spending the weekend drinking or partying.

Most people have a difficult time staying motivated on a Monday, having spent the entire weekend indulging in activities that they love. If you are one of those people, you have come to the right place, here are tips on how to stay motivated and how to actually deal with Monday blues.

Start your weekend by finishing most of your Monday chores

Whether it is a small deadline for Monday, or even deciding what you have to wear to work, finish tasks scheduled for Monday morning at the beginning of your weekend. This way, you would have time to have a refreshed and tension-free Monday morning.

Picture a positive Monday on Sunday night

Be it from wherever you are, imagine what your Monday would be like, all the good things in your routine and the new opportunities that the new week could bring for you.

Plan one good activity for Monday

Take out some time during the week (Maybe even Mondays) and plan out one good activity for the week. This way, you can motivate yourself to be productive and finish the activity.

Eat a healthy meal

In this busy lifestyle, eating healthy would not only give you a sense of taking care of your body, but it would also gradually improve your health.

Try introducing these steps to someone you meet

Most people tend to experience low spirits on Mondays, or when back from a holiday. Being empathetic towards other people and sharing your own blues, and the tips to deal with them might help them as well as you. Also try making a work partner to follow these tips with you so you both can stay motivated to work on Mondays.

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