Do not ignore mental health, know how to be your own therapist

Oftentimes, people do not realise when they are feeling anxious and end up neglecting their mental health

mental health

mental health

HYDERABAD: A problem commonly faced by people, especially the working class - anxiety. Oftentimes, people do not realise when they are feeling anxious and end up neglecting their mental health. Even till two decades ago, there was little or no awareness among people relating mental health and its importance.

With changing lifestyles, the need for identifying and controlling stress and anxiety has also increased. People have started recognising the importance of taking care of mental health, that it is as important as one's physical health. However, there is still stigma related to anxiety and it is considered as a disorder, when actually over 40 million people suffer from anxiety and might need diagnosis and treatment.

One can feel anxious or stressed due to multiple reasons, be it daily work pressure or physical ailments. However, it is very important to deal with anxiety at its early stages to prevent panic attacks or even depression.

How to identify anxiety:

Worrying about daily life is part of life. However, excessive or persistent worry and fear about everyday situations, not being able to do common things due to fear, intense fear about an upcoming outcome, all are signs of anxiety.

One might witness a faster heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating or even feeling drowsy or nauseated while feeling anxious.

Sometimes, people also tend to cry or avoid meeting people while feeling anxious.

Tips to reduce anxiety by yourself:

Physical exercise

The best and most preferred way to keep your mind peaceful is by indulging your body in exercise. One could go for a 10-min walk or hit the gym for routine fitness exercises, it is very important to include physical activity in your daily routine. Physical activity releases feel-good hormones in the brain which can control or reduce stress.

Yoga and meditation

Practising yoga and meditation reduces jumbled thoughts in the mind, leading to increased focus and concentration. An increase in focus and attentiveness will help calm the mind in general and reduce anxiety. Chanting the 'Om' mantra or physical yoga will benefit the body and mind.

Increase doing activities that interest you

Indulging in activities that you like and developing hobbies also help in reducing anxiety as they help you keep your mind off negative thoughts and also help you relax. Productive hobbies, activities that give a positive output should be incorporated in your schedule. Many people choose activities like reading, gardening, painting or learning a new skill or sport as hobbies to cope with stress.


An apple a day keeps a doctor and a therapist away. Eating a balanced meal at proper intervals is extremely important to keep one physically and mentally fit. It is advisable to make a meal schedule and stick to it. Cholesterol controlling foods maintain heart rate. Vitamin D and Zinc rich foods release feel-good enzymes in the brain.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes

Caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes have a direct effect on the heart and blood. So it becomes necessary to avoid the three substances to control anxiety.

Speak to someone

Speaking to someone close or taking expert advice when you feel anxious is always a good option to help reduce it. Sharing the fear or worry increases a sense of security and would also control the heart rate.

Getting therapy is still a major stigma in Indian society. However, it is advisable to seek professional help and not neglect mental health.

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